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  1. I bombed that temple with my carrier based strike fighter. Weapons: 2x cruise missiles, 2x air-to-air. Take off and recovery from aircraft carrier, standing ~ 20 kilometers to the East of KSC. Score: hits (100), altitude 8000m (+8), mission time 121 minutes (-120), external weapons (-20), RCS (-13), afterburner (-10) stocks parts (+10). Total score: -45.
  2. I used my carrier based AEW plane. (2 wing connectors inside the nacelles = wing spamming?) Take off: Score: (14x20) - ((2+4))5 + 25 = 275.
  3. AV-1 V/STOL strike fighter. Precision air strike to mobile radar station: Vertical take off: fire! first one! bingo! ...or not?second one! close...Bingo! Target destroyed.
  4. Fully stock Tupolev Tu-144 replica with folding canards and turning nose cone .
  5. I had some problems with image import, so I easily made fotos of my screen and loaded it here. Maybe I'll try to make normal screenshots of Duna mission and upload Space bull and SS-1 lander.
  6. Space bull - fully reusable 20-seat interplanetary liner. It's capable to tow 2 VTOL 3-seat landers to Duna (they can be docked on orbit) or other cargo to other planet. But this craft is extremely hard to land with full tanks ( landing speed can reach 180 m/s). Launch: Landing boosters Landing with full tanks
  7. Here is one of my KSP crafts: XF-10, carrier based, long range, high speed, heavy fighter/bomber. https://pp.userapi.com/c840027/v840027424/5b8e1/wd_WycvgFVY.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c840027/v840027424/5b8eb/9TrwiLie3cw.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c840027/v840027424/5b8fd/3SnVk3dWeds.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c840027/v840027424/5b907/1Y4gjGOj3KU.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c840027/v840027424/5b911/zD4wPrZLka8.jpg Fully stock ( excluding MJ ), and I plan to arm it with my stock guided missiles/bombs. (I'm sorry I have some problems with image adding)