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  1. I have now risen from the dead to provide the first ever update to this mod. Also the last ever update to this mod. It took this long to provide an update because I Initially had grand plans for updates, but ended up never having the focus or motivation to follow through. Pushing this mod on an eternal bench limbo: But I still think I owe this mod at least one last compatibility update. Primary focus of this update is changing outdated Instantiator implementation of Murph and instead using the Singularity mod, which provides proper Gravitational Lensing. Changes: Removed instantiator as a dependency. Gravitational lensing shader added to Murph and Wormholes, done via Singularity Due to no longer being Constrained by instatiator, Murph is now huge and massive. Orbital Adjustments for Klaus and Cooper and also all planets in the Murph System Izetta no longer exists, I just didn't like it. Added a new Gas Giant around Murph. Updated the Included Kopernicus Expansion mod. The Update can be found here. https://github.com/GrandProtectorDark/Event-Horizon/releases/tag/1.1
  2. Already loved this mod when I found the dev version all these years ago during KSP 1.3. Futurtech engines that don't have the unecassary complex gameplay baggage of KSPIE AND they are restock quality. Just the best. Seeing it be released is just awesome.
  3. Gotta make do with what I have then. Anything technical that makes that not possible or is it just not a feature intended to be added?
  4. It's not really the focus of this update, but I have a question about the Flag selection Menu. I see that it changed and now has 2 extra categories (Agencies and Organisations). Would it be possible to make custom Flag categories (assuming there is more necessary than just making another folder, which i already tried)or are we limited to the 3 we have now?
  5. I mean, repairing wheels had always been possible. But I do really hope that repairing solar panels and radiators becomes a thing. Way too easy to accidentally break them when on EVA
  6. @Mortimer Kerman @Minmus Taster @Poszukiwany Yea, the Wormhole plugin supplied in the download, isn't functional anymore. You need to get it from there
  7. I'm not sure about the Wormhole functionality (as I'm not the one who made that plugin). But the planet pack itself seems to load with the 1.10.1 dev branch of kopernicus(the plugin that makes planet packs work)
  8. Given that the existing SLS parts in-game are hilariously under-scaled already. You'd need far more than a 3.75m to make a properly scaled SLS (Ignoring that a proper orion would fit into the 3.125m size class) I mean, Yea sure I understand that, but int that situation, an ant or a spider can make do sorta. And mods are a good substitute anyway Meanwhile there isn't really anything for giant crafts, other than spamming reaction wheels and the single LFO rcs that there is. Easy there, Shouldn't get ahead of ourselfs. There isn't even a 7.5m size class yet and few current mods even touch 10m.
  9. Quite a few additions to the past updates have been rather close to what Nertea (aka the Modder behind NearFutureTechnologies/restock) has added to his mods not to long ago.
  10. Anyhing that small can make do with RCS-less docking methods..
  11. tbh, I don't really see the need for tinier RCS. Reaction wheels are already good enough at that size. What would be useful, Would be bigger RCS. Or just expand the LFO RCS line
  12. Stock Docking ports don't really care how they are oriented relative to each other. However, there do is a parameter that can be applied to a docking port to force it to only connect at certain angles (unused in stock). Certain mods with non-circular docking ports make use of that.
  13. Technically Event Horizon "works" with RSS. The Part where Event Horizon does not support RSS, comes from me not having made a rescale config for RSS. Meaning Event Horizon would be hilariously undersized if used in RSS. As I understand, KSRSS is the real solar system but stock sized. So I don't see there being issues.
  14. Iiirc, there's already a patch that makes the mod work on hydrolox
  15. Your first mistake was to assume that stock has any semblance of proper balance. Especially career mode costs.
  16. NFLV isn't exactly made specifically to work with CE. It's made to synergise well together when both are installed. Restocks engine designs are based on an old concept from porkjet. Certain of those engines are modelled after hydrolox engines (and obviously the single/clustered SSME should consume hydrolox) https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/CryoEngines/tree/master/Extras Must be using an old version, cus there's 3 patches in the extras folder. What matters for rockets is mass, not size or cost. Hydrolox is perfect for upperstages or assisted first stages. While the same amount of deltaV will need more tank, the stage itself will end up way lighter than an equivalent lfo stage.
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