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  1. Strange. I didn't get a .dll file in my download. V 0.30.6 with this patch: (I don't know the name of this one) Forum post for the patch: I really hope this mod gets fixed, because it's quite a good mod. EDIT: Hold on, I don't know if I have even installed RPM correctly. So you just drop in the JSI folder or do you only drop in the RPM folder within? I am pretty sure I did it right.
  2. I have been trying to use PCR recently with another IVA pack, DE_IVA and it hasn't been working correctly. You can find my struggles with it here and on the comments below it: It has many issues surrounding RPM and custom patches among other things. I'll check out these cockpits once I have access to my PC.
  3. @linuxgurugamer I played without DE_IVA and the mod still didn't work. I guess that rules out a DE_IVA error. Not on the toolbar, not on the probe. I also encountered several exceptions with MM, maybe that might be a clue on why it's not working. And here is the Player.log file, from the time I played without DE_IVA: I hope this helps.
  4. I will check in there. I didn't know it changed, and it is strange it's an output.log from quite a while ago. I wouldn't recommend looking at the log, as it's a very old one. I was suspicious that DE_IVA may have been causing this.
  5. @linuxgurugamer, I have an issue where Probe Control Room does not work at all. It doesn't crash my game or anything, it just doesn't come up in-game. KSP: 1.8.1 Windows 64 bit Problem: Probe Control Room doesn't work. Mods installed: Probe Control Room 1.2.3 Module Manager 4.1.1 Kerbal Alarm Clock 3.12 Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements scatterer PlanetShine DPAI MechJeb 2 Kerbal Launch Faliure Kerbal Engineer Raster Prop Monitor With This Patch ^ HullCam VDS DE_IVA Extension EVE Astrogator ASET Props Toolbar Control Toolbar ClickThroughBlocker All mods are fully up to date. Reproduction steps: Get any probe core, and no mention of Probe Control Room appears. No toolbar, no "c" to get in, no right click on core, no IVA appears. Log: Output_log.txt I'm not sure if this has to do with DE_IVA or not, because they have a configuration for this mod. It may have something to do with 1.8.1 vs 1.8 possibly.
  6. And now it's gone down. They made a mistake obviously.
  7. That would be pretty cool. You could also do Spacex like shots.
  8. The stuff I have heard and seen from devs says that the cockpit is "interactive" and the cockpits look far more advanced than in the current game. It probably wouldn't be hard to make a game mode out of this, but I think this would be better as a game difficulty option. If it ends with this not being implemented I'm sure the mod devs will add it. You can do this is the current game with DE_IVA, ASET Props, Probe Control Room and Hullcam VDS combined.
  9. I remember there used to be a thread where people discussed other space games in general, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Let's talk about space games in general! Not focusing on any in particular, just general discussion of space games (i.e should I get this game, Game1 vs Game2), etc I'm thinking of starting to play Space Engineers on my PC. Any advice? Also, should I get No Man's Sky, Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen? Or something else?
  10. Those are userscripts, and I personally think that a stock option would be nicer for those who don't want to get Greasymonkey or something similar :/.
  11. So, it's late at night, you've been using Reddit or something else with a dark mode, that is nice on the eyes in the night. Then you realise that you haven't checked the forums in a while. So you jump on Chrome, greeted with a dark new tab page. You tap the bookmark/ quick access link to the forums and aahh! It's so white and bright! Your eyes melt out of their sockets and fall to - you get it. You've probably seen the 'Themes' setting on the bottom of the forums. The only themes on it however is the default theme and a copy of the default. This makes me feel like it's been wasted. I think that the forum managers should add a dark theme to the forums if possible, and maybe other themes. This would help those who use the forums during the night and those who are dark mode fanatics (like me). Who else wants to see this feature added to the forums?
  12. Using breaking ground to make a kerbal blender with a close-able lid.
  13. We do still need Orange 5m tanks if we want to replicate non-early space shuttles (early shuttles had white tanks).
  14. This isnt code; this:("is") These features are pretty cool. This is the first point This is the second point This is the third point This is the fourth point I can't be bothered to keep writing this Look ma Im on the right! djdjjdjdjdjjddjdjdjd wddjdjjdwjdidjiwdjdi
  15. Jeez, this is about a fuel tank, how did nationality even get involved? Anyway, I feel like they need to do a full on revamp with all shuttle-based parts changed as a feature update. Maybe even a DLC? For example, the Vectors are slightly too small, we need new nose cones, as well as shuttle OMS engines, among other things. But, for now, 5m Orange tanks may be good enough.