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  1. RocketSimplicity

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Unit

    I assume that would be a pretty easy line of code to edit, probably wouldn't be demanding to change by the user, and would be a useful module manager script. Looks simple and easy to use, a bit like KIS (but probably better maintained as it is stock). Good work Squad! Can't wait to play around with this.
  2. RocketSimplicity

    KSP Loading... Moho Wrinkle Ridge

    My opinions on this: Cooled - just no It does stand out and jut out. It's too small It is very low res I still want to get it, however like others, I'm most excited for robotic parts.
  3. RocketSimplicity

    1.7 sky box

    I always notice Centaurus (Specifically the pointers, Alpha and Beta) and Crux, aka the Southern Cross, which basically everyone can identify here in Australia.
  4. RocketSimplicity

    Totally random question, but...

    Inside. This would be great as a poll.
  5. RocketSimplicity

    What is the best environmental enhancements?

    Haven't tried any other than SVE, Scatterer and EVE for some reason but they are very good together.
  6. RocketSimplicity

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    What a great series! Sad to see Vol 1 end, but all great things must come to an end. Can't wait for Vol 2! Also, another song for Emiko to sing: "Take it Easy", Jim. Have a nice day!
  7. RocketSimplicity

    What was the first thing you did when you bought KSP?

    1.1, 2016. I build rockets which blew up a lot, played a bit of career, got bored, used logic (no tutorials) to get into orbit and the mun.
  8. RocketSimplicity

    SRB Overhaul

    Sorry, what I was trying to say here was that even though the nozzle idea doesn't really go with the unrealistic liquid fuel rocket nozzles, it should still be kept as it would be a nice thing to have. Also, the idea that you could offset the nozzles (and not the entire srb) is a really good feature that I'm not sure why it isn't in the game already.
  9. RocketSimplicity

    SRB Overhaul

    @T1mo98 That mockup looks pretty realistic. I like the booster on the left in the second shot. It would also look good in Titan III and IV replicas. On a different note, I do have to admit that the nozzle section of this suggestion will not line up with the rest of the game's nozzle system (which isn't very realistic). Scott Manley has a good video about how KSP doesn't teach rocket nozzles here: Though of course this suggestion would be pretty bland without the nozzles so I am definitely not rubbing it out. It would still be great to have the nozzles.
  10. RocketSimplicity

    Accusations of KSP being spyware

    What's a Bluray? I really wouldn't be concerned as everything you do is probably being tracked by the Chinese government or the CIA or something. If you have a concern with KSP outgoing connection (not required for game, though some mods may use internet connection), just block it in Windows firewall.
  11. RocketSimplicity

    Geography of KSP

    I wonder why Barbeque Bay's crater rims are so high. Unless it is a non atmospheric/weather place such as the mun, erosion should have destroyed the large walls of the crater... Unless it is a rather new crater.
  12. RocketSimplicity


  13. RocketSimplicity

    Stock Soyuz

    I do have to say it is pretty cool, but in my replica it slows down my PC to like 20 fps for no reason. It is called the Korolev cross and in real life it looks even cooler.
  14. RocketSimplicity

    Geography of KSP

    Might do a aircraft and space survey of that site. May be able to find a little more information about it based on it's surroundings and Kerbnet. Also, good luck on that steep terrain!
  15. RocketSimplicity

    Geography of KSP

    KSP has some great geography made by Squad, and before that the original makers of the reversed map. For a while there was a moderately sized thread about the geography of KSP: Unfortunately, this thread is long dead as stated by the final two posts. I hadn't really thought about making this thread until I saw over the past couple of months, more and more small threads were made about the geography of Kerbin i.e. the land bridge that used to connect the peninsula east of the KSC to the large companies. Why did it go naturally? (Why would Squad care about one tiny land ridge and have to remove it??) Basically, this thread is a place to discuss the geography of the planets, moons and beyond. Firstly as a starting point, I have heard references to meteor craters scattered around Kerbin. Can we locate them (aparts from the already obvious one)