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  1. I have a problem. The windows are blocked and cant see outside and only see reentry FXs. Pls halp
  2. Yes i did have Compatible ods yet again nothing works I tried buttons NOTHING
  3. Yeah... I have a Problem with this mod Whenever i go IVA, the dash bored is empty! there is nothing on the dashbord so please can somebody help me. PS. I have RasterPRopMonitor Update: I have ASET props and Avionics.
  4. ok... I installed aset avionics and props and all the dependencies but the mk1 cockpit aint changing and also i think it makes the RPM monitors not working so pls help me
  5. I did install module manager and so sorry but i cant take a screenshot just imagine a RPM monior with nothing in it. So can anybody fix this?
  6. Hi, I have Raster Prop Monitor and all i see on the screen of RPM is DARKNESS. I did all that i am suposed to do: I put the Jsi Folder into the Gamedata floder, I even tried putting the contents of the JSI folder into the gamedata folder.And there is an errror message saying inittialization failed please look at the manuel again. I did an =d nothing has changed HELP ME
  7. Aw man well is there other mods like it?(with the sparkles?)
  8. That was not what i was looking for. I am lookin for: So can anybody help me?
  9. Does any body know a mod that has a sparkler?(you know those sparky things below the engines) Yeah does anybody know a mod that has that?
  10. I Have a question, can i use this with realPlume? PLS REPLY
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