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  1. Thanks, i will sure look into it.. yes i should tell now what this ancient tech is.. its a nuclear reactor.. let me know your thoughts i been eager to build mods but so far the problems i face is texturing its a great help.
  2. yeah AnyBody would know ,So without spoiling let me tell you that i'm new to modding and hopefully want to finish this ancient alien tech sooner ,Any help regarding how to texture stock alike would be wonderful.
  3. but i read whoever gets Making history also gets this dlc for free
  4. Why I'm not getting this dlc for free I purchased it on March 2018 plz help
  5. I also miss the first challenge because at that time i did not know about this topic, But you can upload image here by going to https://imgur.com/ , get sign up, add images then copy the link here
  6. Hi there, if anyone wants to keep Stock as well as Ven's parts, copy & paste the following folders into GameData. Hope you enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4xl75dcfo4sfowz/AAAWLtCwRGIbqEpRvrup_LZaa?dl=0
  7. is there a way to use both stock and revamp stock parts? or stop it from replacing stock part and then use janitorscloset mod to distinguish. i know whole point of stock revamping is to replace the existing stock parts but i really want both and so far no luck
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