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  1. I've installed beyond home and everything went well. I learned that I needed Kerbal Konstructs to have the Lua launch pad appear AFTER I started my save. I installed KK and landed on Lua, do I need to land EXTACTLY on the Lua launch pad to find it? Or do I have to restart my save to have the launch pad populate correctly?
  2. Why does the mod recommend a minimum ram of 8 GB when installing the mods and activating the systems adds 16 GB of ram to my game? From default of 11 GB to 27 GB. Is this normal?
  3. There's a tracking issue that I worked with the creator of Tweakscale and we found out that configurable containers is causing a repeatable glitched with parts that have a tweaked scale. Basically configurable containers are resetting larger (or smaller) tanks to their default values when copied or reverted to SBH from a launch. If no one is aware of the issue, look at the link below for the full documentation. https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScaleCompantion_FuelSwitches/issues/2
  4. Does this mod work for other planets and moons? Specifically if I have a lander on Duna that takes ore/fuel up to a space station in orbit around Duna.
  5. I managed to post everything to the github related to my issue with tank capacities, let me know if there's any additional information required.
  6. Okay, I have a near full day of work tomorrow, but I'll upload everything you asked for and even some screenshots to the github when I can. Thank you!
  7. I have about 78 mods installed, so I know that could be an issue. The only ones that really work with fuel are TAC Fuel Balancer, interstellar fuel switch, and configurable containers. Is there a forum link for finding the KSP.log, modulemanager's config, and patch log? I can make a craft with the issue happening. That is to say, if it's even feasible to check all of that 78 mods. If the issue's in my court, I totally understand. It provides the correct fuel on the launch pad, but the maximum fuel number is determined by its stock size (with limits it if I sized up a tank).
  8. Has there been known conflicts of mods or something that causes an inappropriate amount of fuel to be placed on a tank after I resize -> copy it? As an example, a 1x size tank has 100 fuel. I resize it to 0.5x size and it comes out to 40 fuel. However, when I copy it using alt+click and place it down, the fuel tank shows 40 out of a maximum 100 fuel, allowing me to pack more fuel into a smaller space. The same happens when sizing up tanks. If this isn't a known issue, I can make a proper post of my findings or figure out which mod might be causing the conflict.
  9. It also throttles down an engine if it's near or pointing at Kerbals far away from Kerbin. it happened around Ike
  10. I've been trying to use the ground base and attach it to Ike's surface for me to cable my rover and ore shuttle to. But when I try different cables, they two vehicles still jump slightly in the air when I use either time warp. Some cases the ground base either explodes, teleports up in the air (of which it's still 'attached' to Ike), or just simply spazzes out and sends my vehicles a million miles away. I was thinking of having a hydraulic cylinder with a grabbing unit mounted to a ground base, but I haven't tried it yet, anyone have any ideas?
  11. How do I access the cheat menu for KSP interstellar? I wanted to mod a few settings that I've once seen. It the warppluginsettings.cfg in my gamedata doesn't seem to affect anything. I've tried scouring ALT+F12 but I can't find anything. Particularly I'm looking to shut off the throttle down for the nuclear salt water engine. If I can slap a cockpit next to a normal engine or fly a kerbal by a sun and have them live, I figured I don't care about that 'balance'. I saw earlier on the forum that a cheat was added to bypass this, but I can't find how to turn it on.
  12. Hi, I was hoping that I could use TweakScale on OPT parts to make bigger jets. Is it possible by chance? When I rightclick on various OPT parts, it won't let me change their size like other modded objects I have (KSPI) Specifically I was hoping to resize the main jet hulls and cockpits Here's my gamedata folder:
  13. Fixed! I would need to apply this to a ground assembly line right?
  14. how do I fix it myself so I can continue playing with the mod?
  15. I will send them when I get home, but how do I access my player.log?
  16. https://i.imgur.com/GxgZNbc.gifv As you can see my replicator is inactive and my part printer keeps having the error "machinery full" to make any specialized parts I keep having to jettison tank contents. And I do have materialkits on the other parts of my station. Transferring them directly to the assembly line did not fix anything.
  17. Hi I'm trying to use the part printer in orbit around kerbin to print specialized parts so I can configure my already attached DIY kits. Problem is, it instantly fills up my machinery storage and stops printing. I even have enough storage for 2500 machinery. So I'm sitting there clicking "Jettison Tank Contents" ten times a second to get any specialized parts. Anyone have a fix for this? I just want the specialized parts.
  18. Hi, I tried to scale up an ore container to 3.75 meters for materialkits. It was empty and the ore container cost 100k funds?? But when I filled up a fuel tank of the same size with material kits, it was 75% cheaper. Also, when I try to load specialized parts into containers, it seems to break my GUI until I exit the build mode and come back into it. Does anyone recommend a container mod?
  19. "VolumeConfigs.user" How does one make a .user file at all? Sorry I really don't know.
  20. I've been trying to learn this mod but all the tutorials just showcase the parts and don't use them in any practical sense. If someone knows a good series that will help me understand please recommend! However, I'm trying to see the point of this engine.. The closed cycle engine. Yes I made sure to use the correct fuel and even tried putting radiators, enough for 90% of the heat generated. However in the next picture I show a simple poodle engine with WAY more Delta-V and WAY less cost and mass. What the heck am I doing wrong? And If I'm not doing anything wrong, then what's the point of any of these engines if Stock does it better? I've tried putting on a molten salt reactor to increase ISP but it only added so much more weight that it was useless..
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