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  1. Yeah it does make sense, I get the same problem when using the Whirlijig Nuclear Reprocessor with 3 formulas... The max cooling of the convert-o-tron 250 is set to 200kW is the description as well, I have a feeling it was highter than that before. Using ModuleManager do seems to be a good idea, I know I need to create a .cfg file but can anyone can easily tell me what I should write to raise the max cooling of the convert-o-tron 250 to 800 or 1000 ? Thanks,
  2. It seems I got a new bug from recent updates or mods. The convert-o-tron 250 can't be cooled down when running more than 2 formulas... It doesn't matter how many radiators I install. With the debug you can see the Radusage is capped at 200 while I have old screenhots of them using 600-700. What's going on ? https://imgur.com/a/KsSx8
  3. Yeah I had the feeling the whole ship was requesting more cooling for some reason. The stock parts I use do only cool nearby parts. Those parts with TweakScale do the job nicely though, since I can get the exact number of Xfer I need where I need it while keeping my parts count low, so it's all good. Thanks.
  4. I think I have 7120 kW of Xfer with the stock options (the first screenshot) and everything is cool. On the other hand 12 x GR-1500 (18 000 kW) can't keep the reactor cool... https://imgur.com/a/gldTT https://imgur.com/a/QoNLM
  5. There is something I don't quite understand. I installed the mod to provide better cooling for nuclear reactors. The mod description state that I will need fewer radiators, however this isn't what's happening. I have a relatively large rocket, 125 parts and using 5m. If I use upscaled stock large Radiator Panel, the one that cools only nearby part (with TweakScake, it boost the Core Heat xFer to 800kW), I need the exact amount of Core Heat xFer compared to the Required Cooling. For example, I need a total of 7500kW to cool my entire ship and with stock Radiator Panels when I reach a total of 7500kW the ship stays cool (including the reactor). Now when using the GR-1500 High Temperature Heat Radiator I need a total of 21 000 kW to keep my reactor from overheating... So I actually need more parts, more weight and more money to achieve the same goal, sup with that ? Does the GR-1500 waste tons of resources cooling parts of the ship that don't need cooling ? Is it because I'm testing inside Kerbin's atmosphere ? I find it a bit silly that stock parts are more effective at cooling my ship...
  6. Something else :-\ It doesn't look like things are calculated properly in the other vessels when I time warp. If I timewarp at x 1000 everything seems fine in the current vessel, but for the others vessels, it looks like the organic slurry is just throw out the windows and my life support is melting... :-\ I always though that the life support in my station was doing down too fast and didn't undertood why the sludge wasn't accumulating (it supposed to since the aquatic greenhouse isn't currently working). Now I believe that regular greenhouse don't work at all while timewarping away from the vessel. You can time warp in the tracking station and see that 1 life support is being consume per kerbal per day even if the vessel got working greenhouses.
  7. I believe there is an issue when you time warp to fast. The Organic Slurry doesn't get properly processed when above x 1000. I just time warped a save at different speed and under x 1000 there was no Slurry left, at x 10 000, 0.64 Slurry was left. The only thing difference was the time warp speed.
  8. Personnaly I already have both BSS unlocked, but I don't know for breakthesystem.
  9. I see the BSS-G in Hydroponics but I can't seem to find the BSS-1, I rencently added the community tech tree.
  10. Yes ! But the aquatic one doesn't work :-\ I've added the CKAN list on the drive.
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