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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    "USF #4Mun" FTW! I think you should too... but perhaps I am biased. But you totally should. Some day I may evolve to this point of maturity... but I fear I am still at the 'glitter eyeshadow and flavored lipgloss' stage of rocket building.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Oh, good... I thought those rainbow-trailing whatever-they-were's, were just me, and/or a lack of coffee. I have not yet had another kerbal day (6 hours), but I designed a 7-person not-too-partsy capsule and tested it several times in KRASH (simulator). Then I redesigned my airless-world landy probe from scratch because the dumb Block IV design kept running out of fuel just a hundred meters above the Mun's surface - it mostly survived but not upright and some of DMagic's science experiments are, well, directional in nature. I really should've read the instructions again for Impact! Science before the Block V design, though. (unfortunately, I don't have the RAM to keep a browser window open while playing KSP) Or at least before I threw six of them, two sets of three each, at the Mun. Block Vb tomorrow, I guess... Though this one has the unusual ability of being able to stand back up, on Kerbin at least, if it lands on its side. I'd like to claim I designed it like that, but it was more a happy accident coincidence (as well as a "wouldn't it be nice if it could..." that I hadn't gotten to yet). Launchers for both were out of the pile of previous designs, and not my Fuel Efficient Exo-atmospheric Delivery tanker/boosters (which is on about Mk7, and I just today thought of an enhancement...) Then I had a mission (self-generated; I'm playing Science mode) for the 7-person capsule and launched it with 3 crew, and MechJeb tried to kill them during rendezvous maneuvers. NEVER TRUST MechJeb!! Seems like every time I don't assume the psychopathic little computer is out to get me, it gets me. And while I am okay with real driving in heavy traffic up to 80mph/130km/hr, my rocket-flying reaction times are much much slower. The mission is ruined, but thanks to inefficient design and the Department of Redundancy Department the kerbals are still alive, in a non-decaying non-aerobraking orbit (____ you MechJeb! We recovered from your latest vicious murder attempt!), and I have some science for them to do and a live test of the re-entry systems (grossly over-engineered as usual; not too worried). This is about the 4th or 5th attempt to run the .... Nehemiah's? KEES frame in-orbit experiment called Orbital Debris. The three other KEES frame experiments that work exactly the same way, no problem; but this one has: 1) floated away at several meters/sec because of a minor PEBKAC error; 2) exploded due to mild acceleration; 3) was left out too long and 'ruined'. Maybe more than one floated away; it took me a while to figure that one out. So I'm wondering if this one experiment is somehow cursed ... I'm rather enthusiastic about collecting science because I counted up after I had almost all the Tech Level 7 stuff (300 science level) unlocked and many of the TL 8's. I require, to unlock everything remaining in my mod-rich tech tree, nearly fifty thousand science points. So the ill-advised polar-orbit science lab I threw up (heh) about 12 days ago is going to have to wait another hour or more for their de-crewing and soon-to-follow deorbit. I counted, and Kerbal Alarm Clock said I had twelve maneuvers or SOI changes in the next Kerbin day/6hrs. Busy busy! And I've still got the Junkpile Mun doing its orbital science run over the equatorial biomes before trying a manned (en-kerbal-ated?) Mun landing. So naturally I watched YouTube videos most of today. *facepalm* Still, there's always tomorrow...
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Not that you had anything to do with that tool, of course. *downloads tool* The version number in the README needs to be updated, btw.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    Well, you did plead, "HELP ME"... maybe the Kraken had mercy on you and ate it before it could break something else?
  5. help me wrap my head around RCS and docking

    Red on left, green on right. Also, if you have the Tweakable Everything mod installed... well, I had to remove a piece of it, I think TweakableDocking-something.dll because I also was bouncing docking-port-to-docking-port, for literally hours.
  6. What are the best mods for 1.3.1?

    Dangit! I have at least half those installed and still don't have a win! Can I buy another card? OP: set of KIS/KAS, Extraplanetary Launchpads, and Ground Construction allows you to build and modify ships elsewhere. Start up a Dres-based orbital shipyard! Or check out Kottabos' YouTube reviews (I recommend speeding up to 2x as he talks a lot) and a few others for ideas.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    Well, it stuck in mine instantly when Brikoleur said "... you may be asking yourself..." Tale of a sad deprived (depraved?) childhood; I'd never seen the video before today either, that I recall. I wanted my MTV, but my parents didn't get cable until literally two years ago. Probably that darned Mortimer with his cost-saving measures again! I say send him on a test flight to Eeloo! More on topic, I'm doing something similar, and when I get a better orbital infrastructure going, I'm going to try recovering all the (more than one piece) bits floating around up there. I spent the fuel to get it up, might as well use it for something amiright? I did outfit a lot of late-flight stages with probe controls, solar panels, batteries, and antennas for RemoteTech, though; sort of an ad-hoc comm net.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    I did have quicksaves - or actually, quick loads - off from the reinstall, but it was NOT working when I did all that, I just used KISS instead. And I forgot to check after writing that. You may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?" You may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?" And you may ask yourself, "Am I right? Am I wrong?" And you may say to yourself, "My God, what have I done?" Beautiful job, Brikoleur! Are you going to leave the tractor up there just in case someone needs it on the helipad?
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    I guess I'm still in kindergarten then! Today* for Show & Tell... First off, what's wrong with this picture? If you said, "It's missing the usual 'Load Game' and 'Save Game' entries in the Pause menu", you'd be correct! So of course I had a panic. Backed most everything up, deleted, reinstalled KSP, CKAN, and all the mods. Except hey, guess what? KSP-AVC's listing of installed mods skipped about twenty that I knew I had installed. Uh oh. And notice I said, "...backed most everything up" ? Yep. I also discovered: CKAN pitches a right royal hissy fit if it can't connect to its server(s) If it pitches a fit, it will erase every choice you've made since the last time it connected I had over 120 mods installed via CKAN the server was down for several hours that evening I went through the partial mod list I'd saved from KSP-AVC and what I could remember, eight bloody times. I now have an much better idea of what mods I want to keep... Next (realworld) day, it worked like it hadn't made me scream the night before. Annnnnd, I found out I'd missed a few, because - as usually happens, as I predicted was going to happen, as I posted a thread about a mod for when this happens just a few days ago - it couldn't find a few parts on ships I had flying and the game was going to delete them. Luckily I am a ruthless abusive old-skool computer owner and I know how to kill programs before they can kill me (long before 9/11/2001, I advocated that Airbus pilots should carry sidearms, as Emergency Flight Computer Disconnectors). Dig through listing, install mod I'd forgotten and it couldn't possibly be the problem, start KSP, wait fifteen minutes... repeat. Three times. I now also know there's an 'Export Installed Mods' menu entry in CKAN, which I now use daily. *sigh* But, I got it eventually, and went back to space! Anyway, I'm getting nerve tingling from a bad laptop position, so I'll just link to the album and show the escape pod that I successfully test-dropped (the second time; thank the Monoliths for KRASH!) * Today being "Year 1 Day 23" or so
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Now that's my kinda craft! *snorts* Ooooh yeah, of course it'll work the first time! *hides the forehead scab from banging head into walls* Just like you thought it would! Don't they always?! Oooh, and don't step in the sarcasm there; I think I left a puddle.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Also I think he had KJR installed. That helps a lot!
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    No. Needs more. Misspelling. You meant @Kronus_Aerospace needs MOAR! =)
  13. [1.3.1] Aviation Lights v3.14 by MOARdV

    I'd prefer to keep them as separate parts, actually - and Community Something (Category Kit?) has a Lights category for parts. But eh, it's not that much of a preference.
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    I thought that's why asparagus staging and TweakScale were invented! <8-p ObThreadTopic: I spent the last two days - and maybe as much as one KSP clock hour) tweaking designs, practicing EVA and testing equipment, and lofting pieces of Agglutination Station the Kerbinated Orbital Laboratory (and throwing a crew module at the Mun to eventually house kerbals there at that currrently-unoccupied orbiting lab) and pondering the mysteries of orbital rendezvous's. Also wondering how high a part count I can get in one area before I get Kraken'd, and whether we can afford more RAM this month and continue eating food {humor} instead of the less-wary neighbors{/humor}. Today, I may get to clock the two hours until Munar SOI and the extra hour or so to Munar orbit circularization, at which point my manned lander can begin collecting orbital SCIENCE! (I think that has to be all-caps and exclaimed). The problem/benefit of Kerbal Alarm Clock is that it makes it trivially easy to interleave missions; I've currently got six or so waiting in high orbit for a Eve/Gilly sort-of-transfer-window-if-I-did-it-right, two more on the way already which I have little hope for 'cause I didn't do those right, three or four probe-sets going to Minmus which need circularization burns when they get there, another few going to/around the Mun, the aforementioned manned Mun lander, and *counts on fingers* four large pieces of orbital station at various points in their rendezvous cycle. But I also need to take some new instruments around Kerbin (for MOAR SCIENCE!) (yep, needs to be all-caps and exclaimed) and make sure I have an orbital survey scanner around Mun and Minmus, and make more launches if I don't. Edit: Oh! And I got two pictures of a baby kraken! (upper window, by the other module's hatch) Seriously, what is that?
  15. [1.3.1] Aviation Lights v3.14 by MOARdV

    "Not I," said the mouse. =)