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  1. Join usssssssss.... feel the power of the mod side.... Meanwhile, I blew up the VAB. Accidentally. The really remarkable thing is that I remembered to hit the screenshot key. And I needed something to re-hit some biomes as I've "scienced up", so with Hooligan labs 'inflatable parachute' and WBI micro-jet engines. Also, there's a mod and I would know by/maintained-by linuxgurugamer because all mods are, in fact, either written or maintained by the entity(ies) known as 'linuxgurugamer' to have kerbals follow each other in EVA, which of course I can't remember w
  2. As opposed to your usual puny efforts? *swoons from sarcasm overload* Though I once took a photo/screenshot of a baby Kraken, I never really encountered the full-grown kind until today. (note: craft doing the Kraken Shuffle should be timewarped momentarily, not welded together) but I did have a quicksave a 'few' minutes before. I made three during the second iteration of the docking attempt... but of course, with a less acute docking angle, and a moment's timewarp, it didn't explode (thus making the saves superfluous - which is why one makes them; saves & back
  3. No, it's KSP/Unity - i.e., the game itself. Try installing World Stabilizer https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/169206-131-142-worldstabilizer-bugfix-for-vessels-bouncing-on-scene-load/ which would've been an embedded link except "the backend server is running at capacity". Stupidest within the last two days: if your station is doing the Kraken Shuffle, this is the Wrong Time to weld Construction Ports (USI Konstruction) together. Try a micro-timewarp instead. (that worked!)
  4. "I believe that this space program should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this Munth is out, of landing a kerbal (and/or pony) on the Mun* and returning him (or her or it; maybe even them) safely to Kerbin." misquote of course, of part of original speech "Well, safely may be overstating things of course..." Oooh, it's been a while. I've been playing fairly steadily, but instead of wrestling with Imgur I've been going to bed instead. I've been having fun... So has everyone else, it seems... By the way, like the documentation says if you bother to read it,
  5. With screaming optional! (run first!) (just found a nice redo of the original, for those uncultured heathens amongst you)
  6. Absolutely! 'Nauts need to fly, man! Case in point: (and how smooth was that segue? About as smooth and slick as most of my craft designs!) My new game, first orbital mission, with Valentina (driving) and Jebediah (kvetching). Yeah. (Imgur album linky) (mod is FASTCORP AutoGarage, and it works fine in 1.3.1; just remember to hit 'S' once - one ping S only - between 'picking' a wheel and attaching it)
  7. Wheels may be overrated... And it's working mostly-fine in 1.3.1 (haven't tried 1.4.any yet) !
  8. That is a Rule To Live By! Oh good, I'm not the only one who thinks their purpose in life is to be exothermic cat furniture. ObTopical: So spending six hours to play less than five minutes is Not Fun IMO... and then I tried a test of a couple of craft in the sandbox, and MechJeb assured me that he could aim them so they would make it to Minmus, which turned out to once again be a rank lie - does this sound like the middle of an abusive relationship to anyone else? - but I thought I could make it work with another further-out-than-Mun orbit before a correcting burn, and somewh
  9. I/we have eight Gb. On the lighter side, because I downloaded FASTCORP's Autogarage and couldn't get the wheels to work in 1.3.1. And the attachment nodes in the wheel wells don't play nicely with other parts (keyed? something...). "Hmm," says I, "Wonder what would look good as a replacement..." And then I discarded everything that would look good, and came up with this instead! And it might even be on KerbalX if I did it right.
  10. @Kronus_Aerospace, someone (competent in modeling, so !=me) needs to make a VAB and/or SPH for you to launch. *giggles disturbingly* Oh, the first mod is sooooo nice.... that's how it starts, you know. Outstanding! I don't think Mortimer can complain about that one! (although he will anyway) ObTopic: Something Ain't Right. I played for at least six hours yesterday, and - not counting what went extremely wrong and required a revert, restart, or a TaskManager->EndProcess - completed two maneuvers and switched kerbals on an experiment. Things That Went Extremely Wrong incl
  11. For those about to rock who are thinking about installing this, I can confirm it works fine in version 1.3.1 it's awesome! Thank you, @GagaX!!
  12. "We're off to outer space. We're leaving Mother Earth to save the human race Our Star Blazers!" Or at least the English version of the theme song thereof. Well, great, I'll have that d___ed song running through my head all day. Well, @kapteenipirk you owe me a Space Battleship Yamato now! OnTopic: decided to actually try testing some designs I've built; one works alright, one, erm, needs a bit of care if landing on the Mun. (forgot to take screenshots during the crashing and bouncing excitement) Then I spent all yesterday working on a mining craft
  13. More computer rantings, because I'm kind of not allowed to play KSP until I get the terabyte back. (DH's WorldOfTanks is now working...) Hrm. Just had a thought: I was having problems getting the KEES Orbital Debris Experiment completed... like, wondering if the experiment was somehow cursed... and was on my fifth or so attempt... because correlation totally causes causation.
  14. Is that a vale of tears, or a Vall of tears? Or a Val of tears? In my own vale of tears (years away from Vall, Val still happily circling Mun prior to the first landing there), on Friday, in my continuing attempts to disinfect the stupid Windows gaming computer from all the crapware loaded on it, I removed the #*$& AiCharger-maybesomesuffix.sys from \Windows\System32\Drivers because the #$&*! thing would not uninstall, and I have no need to boost USB charging amperages on the computer. Do not do this. Because, next boot - at 01:00 AM Saturday morning - the mouse no lon
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