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  1. Join usssssssss.... feel the power of the mod side.... Meanwhile, I blew up the VAB. Accidentally. The really remarkable thing is that I remembered to hit the screenshot key. And I needed something to re-hit some biomes as I've "scienced up", so with Hooligan labs 'inflatable parachute' and WBI micro-jet engines. Also, there's a mod and I would know by/maintained-by linuxgurugamer because all mods are, in fact, either written or maintained by the entity(ies) known as 'linuxgurugamer' to have kerbals follow each other in EVA, which of course I can't remember what it's called right now. The algorithm isn't really sophisticated... But I left them standing there after the group photo, and came back a bit later, and Look closely and the flag is up there also. This is two groups: one who Found Out The Hard Way that AirPark needs to be basically 0 m/s or it doesn't work, with the usual consequences one installed AirPark to avoid; the other group actually exploded inside a vehicle cab after a rollover that damaged nothing else including the rocket on the rear deck. I think they have either been cursed, or {play ominous_minor_chords.wav} called by the Kraken...
  2. As opposed to your usual puny efforts? *swoons from sarcasm overload* Though I once took a photo/screenshot of a baby Kraken, I never really encountered the full-grown kind until today. (note: craft doing the Kraken Shuffle should be timewarped momentarily, not welded together) but I did have a quicksave a 'few' minutes before. I made three during the second iteration of the docking attempt... but of course, with a less acute docking angle, and a moment's timewarp, it didn't explode (thus making the saves superfluous - which is why one makes them; saves & backups are always either superfluous or nonexistent-and-desperately-needed). Yep, another one of my harmonious and elegant creations... And, due to the gibbering-insanity-why-don't-they-call-this-a-major-bug random camera re-angle, I got this from the VWMicrobus IVA: Also, I found out that I should really do some more testing with Airpark and Anchors before considering them safe for kerbal use. Accelerating the envelope by 100m/s per application of the Park 'brake' is rather counterintuitive....
  3. No, it's KSP/Unity - i.e., the game itself. Try installing World Stabilizer which would've been an embedded link except "the backend server is running at capacity". Stupidest within the last two days: if your station is doing the Kraken Shuffle, this is the Wrong Time to weld Construction Ports (USI Konstruction) together. Try a micro-timewarp instead. (that worked!)
  4. "I believe that this space program should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this Munth is out, of landing a kerbal (and/or pony) on the Mun* and returning him (or her or it; maybe even them) safely to Kerbin." misquote of course, of part of original speech "Well, safely may be overstating things of course..." Oooh, it's been a while. I've been playing fairly steadily, but instead of wrestling with Imgur I've been going to bed instead. I've been having fun... So has everyone else, it seems... By the way, like the documentation says if you bother to read it, USI's Konstruction ports don't actually work with normal docking ports. I'm glad I didn't spend two hours getting frustrated over this because I didn't read the instructions! I spent two hours getting frustrated because I didn't remember reading this part of the instructions two or three months ago. *sigh* Today I spent all my gaming time working on station part #3, and testing it in KRASH, which why don't I do this every time? Because I am an idiot. Station Part #1: Oh, and I think I broke up a union recruitment meeting. And there's some kind of stupid 80's joke about lepers and hockey about a face off in the corner. The "plan" for the next play-time is to rearrange the orbital station properly, before sending up any more pieces. This might even happen! Cross your tentacles fingers!
  5. With screaming optional! (run first!) (just found a nice redo of the original, for those uncultured heathens amongst you)
  6. Absolutely! 'Nauts need to fly, man! Case in point: (and how smooth was that segue? About as smooth and slick as most of my craft designs!) My new game, first orbital mission, with Valentina (driving) and Jebediah (kvetching). Yeah. (Imgur album linky) (mod is FASTCORP AutoGarage, and it works fine in 1.3.1; just remember to hit 'S' once - one ping S only - between 'picking' a wheel and attaching it)
  7. Wheels may be overrated... And it's working mostly-fine in 1.3.1 (haven't tried 1.4.any yet) !
  8. That is a Rule To Live By! Oh good, I'm not the only one who thinks their purpose in life is to be exothermic cat furniture. ObTopical: So spending six hours to play less than five minutes is Not Fun IMO... and then I tried a test of a couple of craft in the sandbox, and MechJeb assured me that he could aim them so they would make it to Minmus, which turned out to once again be a rank lie - does this sound like the middle of an abusive relationship to anyone else? - but I thought I could make it work with another further-out-than-Mun orbit before a correcting burn, and somewhere in the timewarping my craft slammed into the Mun at high speed without slowing the warp down enough to let me do anything - but it sure did pause for a long time, as if to show me just how f___ed things were going to get in the next physics/collision calculation. Then the splody happened (not even interesting, so no pix). And I started wondering - probably during one of those loooooooong waits for KSP to finish digesting something, or to barf - "What would it be like to start a fresh game, with my about one hundred and ninety and I'm not exaggerating mods, now that I know how to make some of them work?" Then I thought, "Heck, it's not like I'm throwing the Big Game away! Let's go play a bit!" So I started a new science game. Then I found out I was actually missing the Mk1 command pod! But I had ... {play dramatic_flourish_in_minor_chords.wav} other choices available.... {play dramatic_thunderclap.wav} {play maniacal_laughter_extended.wav} ----------------------------------- :D ------------------------------------------ It's just a shame that it doesn't seem to have "Crew Hatch" anywhere. But hey, that's why we have cardboard space boxes, right? I also counted up, and my tech tree with current mods installed takes a grand total of 67,913 Science to completely unlock. Um. This is gonna take a while.
  9. I/we have eight Gb. On the lighter side, because I downloaded FASTCORP's Autogarage and couldn't get the wheels to work in 1.3.1. And the attachment nodes in the wheel wells don't play nicely with other parts (keyed? something...). "Hmm," says I, "Wonder what would look good as a replacement..." And then I discarded everything that would look good, and came up with this instead! And it might even be on KerbalX if I did it right.
  10. @Kronus_Aerospace, someone (competent in modeling, so !=me) needs to make a VAB and/or SPH for you to launch. *giggles disturbingly* Oh, the first mod is sooooo nice.... that's how it starts, you know. Outstanding! I don't think Mortimer can complain about that one! (although he will anyway) ObTopic: Something Ain't Right. I played for at least six hours yesterday, and - not counting what went extremely wrong and required a revert, restart, or a TaskManager->EndProcess - completed two maneuvers and switched kerbals on an experiment. Things That Went Extremely Wrong include: (twice) program no longer taking most commands or mouse-clicks, and it wouldn't save either, requiring a kill. Twice. program was working fine, particular ship (that had plenty of EC, probe core, antenna, active antenna, active antenna within range of comm network) just would not respond to any commands at all. Hard to maneuver that way. I did... something, I'm not sure what, like click on a particular toolbar/mod button, which made it start responding... well after the burn start moment had passed. did something else which didn't go well - I don't even remember what - and spent literally thirty minutes with the HD grinding away to revert and save. I timed it. Since I seem to be compelled to install and keep mods join us, @Airdude; feel the power of the Dark Side I think I need to get & install more RAM.
  11. For those about to rock who are thinking about installing this, I can confirm it works fine in version 1.3.1 it's awesome! Thank you, @GagaX!!
  12. "We're off to outer space. We're leaving Mother Earth to save the human race Our Star Blazers!" Or at least the English version of the theme song thereof. Well, great, I'll have that d___ed song running through my head all day. Well, @kapteenipirk you owe me a Space Battleship Yamato now! OnTopic: decided to actually try testing some designs I've built; one works alright, one, erm, needs a bit of care if landing on the Mun. (forgot to take screenshots during the crashing and bouncing excitement) Then I spent all yesterday working on a mining craft which didn't get finished, and maybe I should rethink it... And for anyone who has somehow deleted the entire contents of an NTFS-formatted disk (or whatever the hell I did), I heartily recommend Puran File Recovery (linky), which And now I have a choice - play on KSP, or work on getting a virtualized Windows 7 going under Debian Linux. Decisions decisions...
  13. More computer rantings, because I'm kind of not allowed to play KSP until I get the terabyte back. (DH's WorldOfTanks is now working...) Hrm. Just had a thought: I was having problems getting the KEES Orbital Debris Experiment completed... like, wondering if the experiment was somehow cursed... and was on my fifth or so attempt... because correlation totally causes causation.
  14. Is that a vale of tears, or a Vall of tears? Or a Val of tears? In my own vale of tears (years away from Vall, Val still happily circling Mun prior to the first landing there), on Friday, in my continuing attempts to disinfect the stupid Windows gaming computer from all the crapware loaded on it, I removed the #*$& AiCharger-maybesomesuffix.sys from \Windows\System32\Drivers because the #$&*! thing would not uninstall, and I have no need to boost USB charging amperages on the computer. Do not do this. Because, next boot - at 01:00 AM Saturday morning - the mouse no longer worked. Neither did the USB keyboard. This caused a kernel panic in DH, who woke me up less than an hour after I went to bed. I was, um, 'not pleased'. "F___ you," says I to the computer, because system administration makes me profane, Microsoft makes me profane, and being woken up after less than an hour makes both much worse, "I'll plug in the PS/2 Model M and undelete the bloody file. That'll fix your little happy Microsoft a__" Microsoft has made significant advances in pure a______ry since the last time I dealt with a non-trivial problem (unlike the PSU and/or motherboard and/or CPU going out last May; pssh, easy-peasy!) because, of course the PS/2 keyboard was also disabled - I could watch the lights go out, during boot; first the mouse and USB keyboard, then about ten seconds later the PS/2, and I think I heard it giggle - and of course the file wasn't in the RecycleBin or any place I could find it, and of course DH had disabled restore points, and of course DH cannot be bothered to make backups because he's got too much other crap files to have space available, and of course I couldn't find the driver via Google-Fu, and of course I couldn't find the motherboard 'install'/recrapware disk, or the Windows 7 install disk either. My wrath is like unto that of someone who spent all their on a crewed mission to Jool and discovers upon landing that there's a slight flaw in the landing gear which causes the vehicle to roll on top of the crew hatches. Four days later, I have a working but stripped down and uncrufty Windows7 system for DH, backed up (in my drive space, for which DH will pay) and also virtualized for later vivisection and torture and possible voodoo doll magic against Microsoft itself experimentation; and I'm now trying to unformat the other disk which I think I managed to whack when I was trying to get an Win7 installation ISO onto a USB flash drive (which didn't end up helping, because Microsoft decided that legacy-booting installation sets cannot possibly repair UEFI-booting installations; I loathe Microsoft). Unformatting is possible but not easy, especially when you can't spend money. God help any Microsoft supervisor-level-or-above employee I ever catch in a place without witnesses - I will make them last a very long time which they will not like. The good news: we found the Windows 7 installation disk, and the key it's aaaallllllll backed up now (except that stupid other disk, but that's mostly his crap anyway; and maybe he's thinking about backing up what he has, instead of downloading more as fast as he can) including the really important stuff, like my KSP installation and savefiles and screenshots! full-up Linux on external bootable media utterly rocks (which I knew two decades ago, but I'm soooooo appreciative every time I have to do something like this) it looks a whole lot more plausible to play KSP on an external Debian bootable HD, which I'm gonna try when I get this done I have a much better idea of how to do this in future, and a whole bunch of fresh sysadminly tools (because I always get lax about tools after I don't need them for six months) DH was talking about me reinstalling Windows anyway; now he's letting me do it without panting down the back of my neck (a couple of feet away from literally, and that's really annoying) about when I'm going to be finished - because he is afraid I will bite him; or worse, explain to him exactly what's going on and why I'm angry right this instant (at length and full volume) full-up screaming rage is a wonderful cardio workout DH now not only owes me favors, but knows he owes me favors I got rid of AiCharger! And hopefully, I'll get back to playing KSP within a day or so!
  15. Your ship went hipster and got a nose ring? I bet the next thing is it uses up your fundz and gets a big tattoo. Edit: Actually, looking at it again, that's kind of more like a nipple ring Or maybe a... *runs for the brain bleach*
  16. (image album #1 here) It's been maybe 3 game hours in the last RL, what, two weeks? I found out I had overscheduled myself and have started to cut back on new projects in favor of completing some existing ones. (duh!) I haven't yet mentioned that, since applying the Kerbal Space Ponies mod (why?!?! I dunno, but silly ponies seem to go well with silly green men in space) that I have occasionally had clever inspirations for themed acronyms. To date: Fuel Efficient Exoatmospheric Delivery tanker Communications Orbiter Low Trajectory using a Communotron-32 in a <1Mm orbit HECS Observer Remote Surface Experiments for the Mun & Minmus landers Polar Orbit Nonreturn Explorer Enhanced (or Alpha - PONEA) for scansats (and ScanSAT - or is it SCANSat?) Mining Unmanned Lander Explorer/Experiment First off, I am beginning to dislike 'landing' on the Mun, though changing to less tippy designs would probably work wonders. Also, KER may imply that I have plenty of fuel, but I think I need considerably more than the minimum at this stage of my piloting (non-)skills. Surface Equipment Package has not yet returned me any science, and has produced a lot of yelling (first from figuring out KIS/KAS and its not entirely documented mouse-click-while-holding-keyboard-key-down mechanism; second from random explosions of pieces involved) but I keep doing it anyway. Next, I am finding re-usable already-designed pieces to actually be helpful, if rather bloated in the parts-count. At least if I do it once (that is, if I re-do it enough times) and save it, I don't tend to forget things like extra batteries to actually last as long as I need it to. And this especially includes unmanned probes. Ending with the weirdest picture of the day(so far) , from the cardboard box capsules on the sciency balloon.
  17. Congrats on the Pancake 'discovery', and yeah, you should do the contract and all. Wow, what life support mod is THAT from? And how many parts does it add? Because, our dear @Kronus_Aerospace, of course you did. (out of likes for the day, still working on my half-day post and Imgur...)
  18. So I'm going to Settings to remap the keyboard (because IJKLHN makes no sense to my brain or fingers, especially when I have two sets of arrow keys just a few cm away). And each key assignment has a Primary and a Secondary. In almost all cases (I would give examples if I could remember them or run browser and KSP at the same time) the Secondary is set to None. What is a Secondary key assignment? When does one use it?
  19. *holds nose and runs outside shrieking in protest* Aw, jeez! I downloaded this (V1) from KerbalX but haven't been able to use it since I don't have the appropriate probe core unlocked yet, and I can't find it on the outside to remove it, and I got scared* of disassembling it. (* 'scared' = seemed unlikely that I could get it back together) So I built something else... I seem to be doing plenty of that while being right here on Kerbin Earth.
  20. Indefatigable and possibly indeterminate as well {I wrote that just for the lulz }. However, KRASH doesn't reduce those facepalm moments at all; it just keeps them out of the 'real' game... and can make the learning moments happen without needing a year or two of warp-time. ("How can you go up a ladder but not down the exact same ladder?!?!" "Okay, you little ____s, if you can't get out of that crewed part, how did you get in?!?!" "Oh, uh, I guess a probe core would've been nice on the part which is supposed to operate autonomously..." "Wait, only 9 EC left?! Didn't I put batteries on this?!") Which is way more than worth it. What I have done recently is 'cheat' ... in ~/GameData/KIS/settings.cfg , you can add anything you can find the programming-name of (sort of like a magickal Truename), into ALL manned seats (from this point onward, so unfortunately no retcons!). Unfortunately for me, I've only found the name of the electric screwdriver and the EVA propellant (maybe you should try some looking, dumb___?).
  21. RL pilots say there are two divisions: those who have made gear-up landings, and those that are going to....
  22. *shrieks in remembered terror* What do they make those Thermal Control Systems out of anyway, microscope slide cover glass?!?! I had once tuned down a fairing's eject speed to so low it took 30 seconds to clear the rocket's sides, and it stlll shattered a TCS into zillions (well, dozens) of shards. I have a deep and abiding suspicion that they aren't actually human. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who 'plays with face in palm'. =)
  23. Oh, Jim Jim Jim.... such an innocent! The absolutely number one most important thing you need to keep in mind when looking at law is: THE RULES ARE WHAT THE RULES SAY THEY ARE. THERE IS NO CONNECTION TO 'COMMON SENSE' IN ANY WAY, EXCEPT BY COINCIDENCE. I got bit by this a lot when I was learning legal things - "But that makes no SENSE!" It doesn't have to make sense, it only has to be law. Now, 'the law' and 'practical reality' may actually have any amount of contact with each other. But what they say in legal terms doesn't have to have any relation to what they can or cannot do in real life. But if you think it's worth fighting, you have to be ready to fight it in court because the number two most important thing is THE RULES ARE WHAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN IN TRIAL. ANYTHING CAN BE CHANGED IF YOU GET A FAVORABLE (set of) DECISION(s). Because if it goes against the other side, they can always appeal it to a higher-level-of-hierarchy court, hoping for a reversal. Law depends greatly on precedent, what has been forged in previous trials. Lawyers are always quoting previous trials as if they mean something, because they do to other lawyers. And, since law depends on lawyers, the 'precedents' mean something to you, even if law isn't your thing, because they will affect you. The problem specifically with this new EULA is, that many precedents about intellectual property, copyright, assignment of rights thereof, and use of others' ideas in your own work, have historically - and more so lately - been decided in favor of the owner, rather than the non-owner. With Take Two Interactive saying We Own It All, then they have not just one eight hundred pound gorilla on their side, but thousands. But there's the third most important thing, which is THE RULES DO NOT MATTER UNLESS THEY ARE ENFORCED, BY FORCE. If they choose not to press the matter, then it doesn't matter what the rules are. (This is one of the irritations peons and peasants and workers have with the rich and powerful; the laws are supposedly the same, but they are enforced differently on different social classes.) If Take Two Interactive doesn't hunt down, say, modders, or fanfiction writers, or YouTube video makers, and drag them into court (which costs them court costs to file the case, plus lawyer fees) then it doesn't practically matter what the written rules are. As Brikoleur and I think others have mentioned, the changes look pretty standard for modern times, and may have been copied from other sources without even changing the wording in the slightest. Maybe they won't do anything with their 'new' rights of ownership and control. Maybe. But who knows what Take Two Interactive will actually do? And, what will the future Take Two Interactive will do? That's my concern. TAKE TWO INTERACTIVE: seriously, you corporate guys, make some changes in your EULA and elsewhere to reassure your fans. People like Nertea and Eskandare and Just Jim - or, rather, their works - are the reason _I_ play, and are the ONLY reason I'd be willing to pay money in the future for downloadable content and/or future editions. If you scare them away, I won't be happy, and I won't recommend buying this game to other people, and I won't ever spend money again (and I may stop playing and uninstall). I stopped playing World Of Tanks partially because the forums were as vicious as any, and partially because they forbade some mods I was using; it was no longer worth my time to play, and so I stopped spending money. My husband has cut his WoT spending in half because of similar concerns. That is money Wargaming is not making off us. Bottom line, corporate guys. Everyone else: say something, so that someone in Take Two Interactive can count the posts and say something like "9% of our forum users objected." Say it NOW, theres's not much time left. As planned, I suspect. The more people/posts that can be counted, the more likely it'll change.