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  1. my hook wont catch my arresting wire! is the arresting wire backawards?
  2. alright thank you I am building A Full Military With Boats, Tanks, Cars, And Planes
  3. I'm Playing Ksp And I Made A Replica B29, I Was Flying It And Brought In My Replica P51 For A Battle. Once The P51 Reaches The B29, The B29 Flips Out And Tries To Do Crazy Maneuvres, So The P51 Always Wins, Because The B29 Nosedives Into The Ground
  4. seems that was my problem, I couldn't rendezvous correctly and to be honest the crafts were like 30-40 KILOMETERS apart XD I got them closer and now I got it ty!
  5. Yes, yes I have docked many times before but now I just cant For Example I have two crafts on the same orbit but they are slowly moving away from each other. I think the problem is that they might be too far away from each other. would that effect it?
  6. So I am building a Duna craft with a command pod, habitat module, and lander. My problem is I can't dock the things, I know how to dock but whenever I do it my relative velocity is always changing! Do I need to be closer to stop this? Am I docking Wrong? Help?
  7. crap I have another problem... My enterprise is too big Once I cheat to orbit it literally explodes... I cant take a screenshot It is far too laggy
  8. Yeah Like that But I Intend to Use the stock wings
  9. I just wanted to ask to see if anyone had made any ksp rooms that kerbals can walk around in (like a hotel) I need this because I am planning to recreate an entire episode of star trek in ksp and I need a bridge for inspiration and methods of building
  10. So I would need an accelerating engine/ decelerating engine to enter orbit?
  11. why would I want to spin? and how would I enter orbit Im playing and currently about to leave solar system help
  12. I am using the standalone alcubierre warp drive (by roverdude) and I want to know the difference between conservation of angular velocity and velocity. I also heard there is a xenon mode to do powered stops?
  13. I Just Built A New Type But I Realized that using cheats are best. I also created a small vtol replica shuttlecraft with a replica inside (which I Am more proud of)
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