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  1. on the latest version of ksp and only when i use this mod the main menu breaks and i cant click the buttons
  2. nah i remenber it had boats and was made in like 2018
  3. i remember a futuristic bd armory mod that had a bunch of missiles and prefabs for vtols and jets and i cant find it and im wondering if someone else can help me find it
  4. what happened to the kite engine i cant find it
  5. really see the part where it says will not
  6. really? go to https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/game/kerbal-space-program-2/ first paragraph
  7. you really think they would ever add micro transactions
  8. the kind of dlc i like is when the fans decided,thats why mod support will be SO cool
  9. good point i hope that there is no dlc to be honest at least the game will not have dlc a while after it is launched hopefully also when looking at sceen shots of ksp2 i think they are not building up a whole new game at least not for these screenshots
  10. Looks like there new command pod,fuel tanks,solar panels,structural components,grav ring things and engines new effects new launch pad (i love it) new paint schemes AND orion drive im going to preorder for sure (when it comes out) also colonization but im not sure what i feel about this
  11. I KNOW i wish ksp2 was coming sooner so we can have all this cool stuff
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