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  1. In previous installations of KSP, this was not even remotely an issue. Today I find myself unable to weld two construction ports together, as I am now informed that they are "root parts" and any attempt to compress them is cancelled. Verbatim "This port is the root part, Cancelling" I have built tons of stuff in orbit and never ran into this before. any help is greatly appreciated. I am using KSP ver and KAS 1.2 via CKAN https://mega.nz/#!OT4iWaZa!nQlZtygFSpFGiyx4yErKRaZWgRLnJB54uV6HRXIWLro
  2. Does Dmagic EVA struts work in the same way as the old KAS struts?
  3. After a year long hiatus, I have returned to KSP and I cannot find the little strut boxes that I used to drill into place, while in orbit. Have they been eliminated or superseded?
  4. The question was directed towards B9 cockpits originally, although I’m interested to hear any insights regarding RPM configuration.
  5. Hello, quick question here: how do do I get the cockpit IVA displays to recognize internal and external cameras? Thanks!
  6. Hiho, Just getting back into KSP and for the life of me, I cant find any big rockomax tanks in sandbox. The .cfg files are there, but do not show up in VAB. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks in advance! output log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13V3U2rWax-5ug97HfH8zwkOIyXcnTavP
  7. I had a modded install that got too unwieldy, and so I wiped it all out and started over with a fresh install of vanilla KSP and it’s still acting clogged up. Yes I deleted all the old directories after wiping it. It happened to my son as well. After a few weeks of playing, his game slowed to 40%..... Anyone know what’s happening?