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  1. Thank god KSP uses steam these days, I don't want to imagine how this launch would have melted squad's servers.
  2. More hype! More hype people! We're not fast enough yet!
  3. The servers! They can't take it anymore!
  4. So much hype we'll all be too tired out to actually play
  5. Thank you! This comes at a perfect time with me getting into planes and spaceplanes, and it's making flying around the place a lot nicer and more rewarding
  6. I'm having a rather strange problem. First off, my rocket has a short SRB first stage which gets dumped only a few km up, then a long liquid fuel stage which sticks my apoapsis into space and gets dumped at some 30km up. With both stages, if I don't have any parachutes on them I get a red message that tells me they splashed down hard, however if I do have parachutes on either stage, stock or realchute, that stage gets deleted as it would without the mod, and I don't get any messages at all. This seems to be the case no matter if the parachute is deployed when dropping the stage or not (I haven't been able to tell from the mod description nor really test it for myself yet). I just downloaded the mod an hour or two ago, so it should be the 1.0.9 version.
  7. As far as I'm aware that's been in the game for a while and simply means that the staging has been changed from the default, automatic order. I think they were less visible/a different color beforehand, but that's just off the top of my head.
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