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  1. [1.3.1] Airline Kuisine v1.6.1 ~ [Jan 8, 2018]

    I've got the parts back after a complete reinstall of everything, but that didn't do it. I had to then remove Snacks and IFI-LS (I didn't really need two more things to worry about anyway). I don't use TAC or Kerblisim either, just USI now. And it takes about ~15m for me to load... so it was one of those - or just because of the other 109 mods I'm using. Thanks for the mod, and for pointing me in the right direction
  2. [1.3.1] Airline Kuisine v1.6.1 ~ [Jan 8, 2018]

    Worked fine until I installed some other mods; still broke after removing those. No parts show up in the tech tree or in the SPH list. But I can load a plane that still has them, it just won't launch unless I load it from a sandbox. Tech tree node issue? Buying the part in Part Wizard is greyed out. The only parts in Deep Sky are 3 Rec Centers and a Life Support tank. Any advice would be much appreciated.