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  1. dll things, needs recompile across big updates (like 1.8). Others, maybe not... maybe...
  2. This third its really anoying. Specially at planes engines. In stock menu i can lower the volume of all crafts. Buuuut.... Someone knows if It is posible lower the sounds only of aircrafts engines?? one global setting maybe? i am afraid that i need tweak engine per engine cfg... I see there are in global patches some entries of volume settings, but i dont undestand anything in the code. it is not easy for me Good mod overall
  3. I do not know what it means in code language. But the Lathari`s suggestion works!!
  4. Hi all. 1st of all great suit!! & great work!! Someone are experiencing isuis with the 1.8.1 NFConstruction 1.2.0 ?? I cant load the game, 4 erros with NFConstructfueltank\types. Its strange, i didnt see any fueltanks in the constructions mod. With previous version all go good. i can paste the ModuleManager or the MMPatch log if it helps heavy moded ksp
  5. I found this error with a pop up in game: Didnt remember if i acept the MedicalEmergency contract. But i can tell little history with this error: In other mision on mimus, an scientist where converted to a tourist with the ksp mod habitat needs. I went with other vessel with more Hab capacity.Later I go on EVA, return to vessel, & when i changed to KSC pop up this error. What it meens? It seems I lose a contract. & now i cant see the Kerbal who was a tourist in the vessel. But in KSP i can see her in active (but without definitions) If i return this vessel to KSC i will see her? Or i will lose this Kerbal forever? EDIT: Sorry. didnt read above. I have installed remotetech 1.8.9 too (i thought mks was involved in my problem)
  6. Working like a charm. It seems its fixed for me with 3.1. no blue issues My list of mods its really big. & i always think it was a conflict with other mod. but cant help with it. i dont know. Im starting learning read the error logs. but isnt easy for me. reading coding its always a mess for me. but its important one, because lots of exceptions &i found (last ones with explosions this days) im using ksp & never used camera tools for the previus questions. wiht this mod & scaterer the game looks amazin. If in the future u can do a menu or sliders for tweak the options of ks3p it will be cool
  7. Same bug here with v3. Always i go to mapview, bum!, all blue except ship & orbits. If i do while im launching the ship disappear too, & only see the atmos efects(its an amazing bug . Always i reload the scene or go to space center fix all, but when open map view reproduces the same. Anyway i must say that yesterday i dont see the bug. really strange. directx & win10