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  1. ran into an issue. with the trusses I select the structural truss and it should be just a metal rectangular cage but it shows a tank inside. selecting a sub type where I usually use a hollow to fill as I need in most cases still shows the tank inside and there is a weird fuzzing like when more then one part is occupying the same space. I have all the near mods except launch installed and am running ksp 1.4.4 wit the making history add on. is there any issues regarding this and a fix?
  2. Running ksp 1.4 Mods list of everythingin my game data folder 000_Att utils 000_Filter extensions 000_ Filter extensions configs Airplane plus B9 aerospace B9 part switch BahaSP Better science labs Chop shop Community tech tree Configurable containers Connected living space Deep sky Deployable engines Diazo lamding height DkSalvage Dynamic Battery Storage Extraplanetary Launchpads Firesplitter FShanger extender Fusebox continued Hide empty tech tree nodes Interstellar fuel switch Irishman industries Moist KAS Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kerbal reusability expansion KIS KSP wheel KW rocketry LBSI Mark IV system Mark 2 expansion Mark 3 expansion Modular rocket system Mundar Industries Near future (construction, electrical, launch, props, solar, spacecraft) No overheating OPT OPT legacy OPT usi Patch manager Persistent rotation Quiztech aero Repo soft tech Retractable lifting surfaces Simple construction Spacedock Squad Station parts expansion Station parts expansion resux SXT T.G.O.L group (radial vtol) Tac fuel balance Throttle controlled avionics Thunder aerospace Toadicus tools Tweakable everything Tweakscale Unknown resourcefulness Upgrade editor Ventral drill Warp plugin Wild blue industries (kerbal actuators) World stabilizer Xypho aerospace (drill action fix, hitchhiker command, snapdock, xenon sru tweaks) Module manager 3.0.6 Mm config cache Mm physics Mm techtree
  3. What would cause all parts that have docking ports to be removed from the game? This includes mod parts as well. OPT hulls with docking ports built in, MK4 cockpit with built in docking port l, etc..
  4. i do not get that error message. only a few windows about incompatible mods. tweakscale (using latest version}, extraplanetary launchpads {also latest version) running ksp 1.4 and then a bunch of windows about mod versions out of date. but the squad ports are missing too which is why i was confused
  5. so module manager can"t cause this problem with the docking ports going missing from the game?
  6. wat would cause all docking ports in the game across all mods to be missing. from squad ports, mk2, mk3, near future. all of them are gone. i updated to ksp 1.4 and updated a few mods tat are available in 1.4 as well. mod rocket system, dr jets chop shop, tac fuel balancer, kerbal reusability, intersteller extended,. i played 1 day just fine then the next no docking ports. i built a station using the spacedock mod and then shut off the game. when i came back the next day no ports were anywhere in any tab anyone have a clue how to fix this?
  7. you are welcome. i am having some trouble assemblig the craft. here are a few points i came across 1]putting the engines onto the rear of the ship is like threading a needle. 2]the escape pod is the only "pod" i can attach and to the 8 verticle nodes on either side. 3] only the heavy turret has a place to attach on the uppr and lower nodes and the lower one only lets me install it backwards for some reason. 4] i found no where to attach the repulser to. 5] i would add attach nodes to the outside of the ship to let players add as many guns, mods they want for fun a lot of craft modders only allow for the craft items for their nodes (i.e 6 guns for 6 nodes) it would be super fun to be able to add random stuff that WE players can dream up like adding mining equipment to turn a super awesome ship like this one into a mining warship for fun i love the design and the potential this mod has. anyway just some thoughts..
  8. what mod is KFC on the requirements?
  9. a few suggestions for new stuff radial attached docking clamps. like how asteroid clamps work but for ships to dock and refuel or piggyback for a lift. maybe on an extendable boom? adaptors for mk2, mk3, opt, 2.5 parts to integrate this ship design with other mods for larger or crazier ship builds a giant space dock that can attach to existing mod space stations to allow it to be built in orbits?