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  1. Just trying to make sure it's not something on my end. Looking at the config the HeatGeneration entry might be invalid - it's not a curve but a single value. Unfortunately the github repository is missing documentation for ModuleSystemHeatFissionReactor and the other modules. I have been able to "fix" this manually by adding the missing entry, but I don't what else I might be missing - or for that matter why the in-game value for heat generation is lower than the one in the config.
  2. @SuicidalInsanity I'm running into the same issues with SystemHeat integration as with the MK2 expansion - none of the nuclear parts generate any heat, and the reactor crashes my game if it is used with other heat generating parts. Again, as far as I can tell this is due to the missing heat generation curve entry in the patch cfg. Is this intended?
  3. Is anybody using SystemHeat/NFE in conjunction with the MK2 stockalike expansion? I'm running into issues with the Mk.2 Reactor, which apparently produces "-500 kW" of waste heat and crashes the game when used in conjuntion with other parts like ISRUs (which might have something to do with teh heatflux not being a number). Anybody having similar issues or know how to fix this?
  4. I'm running into issues with the Nuclear Reactor and NFE/SystemHeat integration - the reactor is throwing a NaN error an does not produce any heat, and the description lists waste heat production as "-500 kW". Trying to use it in conjunction with other parts results in a crash. Is this a known problem? EDIT: @SuicidalInsanity Looking at the patches for SystemHeat integration, none of the nuclear engines or the reactor appear to have any heat generation entries. Is this intended?
  5. Sorry to drag this back up, but like @MrLake I am also experiencing texture issues in conjunction with restock - is there a way to get these two to play nice? EDIT: The whitelist is missing the Clampotron Sr. texture. Adding: Squad/Parts/Utility/dockingPortSr/ClampotronSr_ClampotronSr_Diffuse.dds to the whitelist file fixes the texture issues for me.
  6. Thanks, I think simple construction was indeed the mod I was using before.
  7. Coming back to KSP after some time off, and I dimly remember using SimpleConstruction (I think, looking at the UI) in earlier versions, but also in conjuction with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (Smelter/Workshop/Launchpad etc.) - is this (still) possible?
  8. Can somebody tell me if the mod works in 1.12 (apart from minor issues like missing textures in some parts)? Are there any other mods that integrate additional (stock-like) drill parts/sizes?
  9. Hi, coming back after a (longer) downtime, and I'm wondering - does the "simplification" mod still exist? While I like the idea of EL, having to deal with another redundant resource (MetalOre instead of Ore) which also limits gameplay never really appealed to me. TBH I am just looking for a simple integration with Plantary Base Systems.
  10. Another thing I noticed is that the non-tweakscale sizes (everything other than 2.5 m) of the universal modules can't be toggled/deployed in the editor or during EVA. Also, changing eventAvailableFlight = true in UAM.cfg only allows manual deployment for the 2.5 m module, as allowManualControl is set to false for all other modules in No_Tweakscale_Config.cfg. Is this intended? For that matter, why can the (working) modules only be deployed manually via EVA?
  11. Apologies, my knowledge of how the syntax works is a bit rusty. The other (restocked) stock parts work fine from what I can tell. Another thing I noticed is that the airbags deflate (as in the animation plays in reverse) when you splash down, regardless of speed, but the bouancy remains. Also get well soon :)
  12. Is this mod compatible with 1.12.3? The integrated landing bags for the mk.2 pod don't work for me at all. All I get on landing is the inflating sound (I guess?) playing, but nothing actually deploys. EDIT: I've narrowed this down to Restock (newest / 1.4.2), which somehow breaks the Gemini bag animation. Log lists: "ModuleAnimateGeneric: Could not find animation component 'AirbagGemini' - on part Mk2Pod failed to load! Check the model file" Which is a bit diconcerting, given that the description lists "Added config for ReStock" - any tips on how to fix this (apart from removing the mk2 config file)? EDIT2: Replacing @PART[Mk2Pod]:NEEDS[!VenStockRevamp,SquadExpansion] with @PART[Mk2Pod]:NEEDS[!VenStockRevamp,SquadExpansion]:AFTER[Restock] in the config seems to work so far.
  13. Not sure if I'm missing something or if this us a bug, but I'm running into problems with the laser-altimeter / map-cam wedge. Mainly that I am unable to take any laser altimeter readings because the part "needs to be manned" (probably due to usageReqMaskInternal = 5) - is this intended? How do I "man" the wedge? Other problem is that I can not recover the picture taken with the wide-field camera, nor am I able to reset the camera. The same is true for both advanced amterials bays on my current craft, which are now throwing the "cannot run experiment; science module full" error. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up, I wasn't aware of that. I will have a look at system heat then .
  15. This isn't about system heat, this is about none of the engines showing up or working as reactors, let alone having any of the associated resources. Is there any additonal patch or integration-thing I'm missing to get those engines working as reactors? Again, I just downloaded the mods from the linked github repositories. Near future electrical only includes "decaying RTGs" in the extras folder, and Kerbal Atomics only inlcudes "KerbalAtomicsLH2NTRModSupport" and "KerbalAtomicsNTRsUseLF". None of these make the engine work as reactors. How do I get KA integrated with NFE?
  16. Newest version of KSP and newest version of the mod of course. The engines just act like normal engines, they don't integrate any of the reactor options and don't have any of the resources i.e. enriched uranium. I downloaded all of the near future mods&kerbal atomics from the github repository. Going through the configs for kerbal atomics the only engine actually listing enriched uranium is the Emancipator. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Coming back to KSP after some time off - has this mod changed recently or can anybody tell me what I'm missing? None of the atomic engines use enriched uranium, none of them have/use reactor controls and none of them produce any electricty. Is this a known issue?
  18. Why would you expect these two mods to be compatible when it's been stated that they are not?
  19. Is that even permissable under the new EULA? Has squad ever got around to clarify what is and isn't allowed as of the EULA change?
  20. I might be missing something here, but CC seems to include support for Near Future Propulsion, but not Near Future Launch Vehicles. Do you have any plans on adding a patch for NFLV's 5 m and 7.5 m tanks or should this be requested via the google docs table?
  21. I might be missing something here, but has the meerkat been removed from the mod entirely? It's not even in the parts folder anymore as far as i can tell. Might want to update the screenshot gallery or add a disclaimer that you need to use stock parts for powered landings.
  22. Yeah, sorry for not mentioning it - i meant the large ALG. Thanks for clearing this up, that was exactetly the answer i was looking for.
  23. Is the large landing gear meant to not be steerable, despite the toggle on the part? Sorry if this is redundant, but i tried the search and came up empty.
  24. I'm also trying to get this to play nice with IFS. Is there an easy way to make the nuclear tanks (those holding liquid fuel only) switchable to liquid hydrogen? Using this together with Klerbal Atomics, so liquid fuel is useless with nuclear engines.
  25. I can call it reaction mass if that's any better My question was more along the lines of "can i effectivly cool the inactive reactor core to ambient temperature using radiators or by passing liquid hydrogen through it?". Also, could you please tell me what the second option in the advanced reactor control panel does?
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