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  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing, It may be affected by TACLS. UPD: Confirm. Problem with TACLS. Sorry to disturb you.
  2. Latest version of KSP/KIS/KAS. Both squad expansion packs are installed. Location - Mun, in EVA. Wear a EVA-X and see in inventory. After a couple of minutes, it will weigh several tons... Despite the weight, you can still move. it's funny, carrying a few tons... The weight is reset when the backpack is thrown away... sometimes.
  3. The problem with the backpack (EVA-X). –°onstantly growing weight (. in few seconds:
  4. July, like. Steam, only in manual mode. I don't often update... Didn't know the update came out, somehow I missed it. I'll force the game to be updated, and revert language from eng. Sorry.
  5. P.P.S. I was able to change the game language to English. Result: the mod works completely correctly in English localization.
  6. I found the problem. I'm testing in the vanilla non-eng localized game v. 1.3.1, only MM, NFE, CRP, DBS. In the sandbox, clean game, on launchpad. Fuel and waste is not moved, require of the engineer. The engineer is present, 1-5 class.. In addition, in EVA, the use of "repair reactor" complains completely destroyed the reactor. P.S. I don't know how to check game with a different localization, sorry. in any case, thanks for your work.