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    Well, there is this game I like called Kerbal Space Program. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, it’s pretty fun.

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  1. Sorry, I couldn’t find the bug tracker but in the new port if you hit save and exit on settings and you didn’t change anything the game freezes. And when leaving the setting in building it seems to freeze randomly
  2. @UomoCapra Love the vagueness of the update even though I’ll probably spend the next 2 hours finding the debug menu. Thanks to SQUAD and Blitworks!
  3. The only thing that interested me in that trailer was the reaction wheels and the little wing bits. This means I can finally make stock props! Thanks SQUAD! I don’t know if it was a bug (probably a bug) or what it just didn’t work, I just assumed something to do with the lift wasn’t right. I used Google to find it after accidentally trimming one of my satellites into a death spin. But yeah, from what I know trimming something is possible, just not easy.
  4. Even if they did a collab with some of the modders and made a mod pack. I would pay 30 dollars for that. (Canadian dollars) About the stock propellers, I have been able to make one (and trim it) it spun fine... then I realized... the ailerons didn’t make any lift! (Dun dun daa) so even if you figured out the trim system (really complicated on a controller) it still wouldn’t work because of the lack of lift from ailerons. I can’t wait to make stock props! (Giggles like a six year old)
  5. I don’ know, something about stock adds a certain difficulty too me. Maybe that’s why I have 4500 hours playing stock and only 5 playing modded. Whatever, do what makes you happy.
  6. Made a new account, old one: BogusDionysus48. As I said on my old account a while back, I really don’t care how long it takes as long as it isn’t crap. That means thanks and hope it is good in my messed up head. Just in case you weren’t sure! Edit: Do you think we’ll get a cheat/debug menu? I can’t wait to build stock propellers
  7. I know this may sound dumb but it helps. When building a spaceplane I put either a panther or an aerospike on the nose, so if I ever get stuck in a nose dive I can slow down enough to regain control.
  8. Place a decoupler then put a few struts in the gap and then offset it until it is flush. Problem solved!
  9. That was the exact information I was looking for, thanks!
  10. Everybody can... unless they are on console, then they can't. Trust me when I say I have tried posting pictures for at least 2 months now and have not been able too, this being the only reason I am not participating. But I did the challenge anyway. I took off from the launchpad, flew into an orbit around 200000km on SRBs, waited for a transfer window to open, burned into an encounter with Duna, made orbit around Duna, de-orbited, landed on atomic engines, left the landing stage on the surface, returned to orbit, transferred back to Kerbin orbit, and landed Jeb safely on the peak of a mountain
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