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  1. Thanks, so there's nothing else to do ? Just put the parts, activate tranmitter or reciever, and it's supposed to work like this ? No program, no magical settings before launch etc. In this way i don't see why my probes didn't connect. I'll keep trying, thank you
  2. Spacemouse thank you for your help, so in my network the probes can both see each other, so there is no planet or anything between them. I think it could be the wrong parts then.. but i though "transievers" could do the job, transmit and relay. I'll try some other parts, can you help me to craft the good power plant stations and then good relays probes ? Wikis doesn't help. Maybe screenshots of yours or just parts names together ?
  3. Nope, the only problem i have is what i posted about earlier. What kind of docking port do you use ? Have you two big vessel or just small ones ?
  4. Here is a screenshot, so the other probe can be seen by this one (no planet between them), and it has the same Phased Array also some radiators. I know i don't really understand lot of things in this mod so i tried to copy what i seen somewhere else and ... it doesn't work lol So why don't they connect each other ? What's wrong ?
  5. Hi, is there i can ask for help ? I got some problems to understand how to use this mod ... And i already gone through every video or tutorial in french or english lol For example : Now i have 2 probes on Kerbin orbit, at 700km. Both have Phased Array Transciever (Deployable), one of them got a "powerplant" with molten salt reactor and electric generator for generate MegaJoule i guess. But when i click on the phased array there is "Satellite connecter 0/1" same thing for the "Satellite on Relay" whereas they are both activated as relay/transmitter ..! Someone already seen this problem ? Hope my english was not so bad XD Thanks for all