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    Heating created by different engines?

    Well, rarely do missions go as planned, it's usually "crap i angled solar panels wrong now drone is dead" or "what the VAB reverted my stages to wrong order", but this went beautifully - I landed a rover with a klaw-docking port adapter to make things line up, and everything went swimmingly Lander/adapter combo: Pay no attention to the debris from other failed attempts heh. Thanks again for the suggestions here, from now on my career passenger transports will definitely include docking ports as a safety precaution!
  2. panzerknack

    Heating created by different engines?

    Thank you all for the input! I completely forgot about what Spricigo suggested; that you can transfer passengers through the Klaw. I'll try doing just that. I've continued to test exhaust-heating mechanics, imagining if you could reliably explode specific nearby parts it has great potential for cheap stage separation and more compact rocketship buids. It's quite difficult to test on the surface of celestials, since the exhaust reaction will either push the target or you away-I try stabilizing with landing struts and counter-torque engines, etc. What is Mr Headshot referring to when he says "cheat the contract"? I thought the tourists must be returned to Kerbin for completion.
  3. I've searched for information on engine heating, finding only results regarding atmospheric and speed heat effects. I'm trying to figure out if the exhaust heat from engines is simply a linear function of thrust, or if there are other things going on? Why do I want to know? I have a career-mode spaceplane full of tourists that crashed on the mun, destroying the engines but leaving the mk2 passenger module intact. It doesn't have docking ports, so I plan to land a space-crane of sorts next to it, grab it via Klaw and return the kerbal denziens home. I don't want to bring the entire shipwreck though, so I want to use rockets to burn off the other sections of the wrecked plane. Thus, whats the most space-arc-welding power per mass?