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  1. This was going to be my next statement as well LOL
  2. Minters223

    New Xbox Controls?

    The link only shows one of the 3 schemes. It is also the one that closest resembles the old scheme. Can anyone post the other two (either console). Thank you
  3. If it was the left input the first time (saying left just to avoid confusion). After spinning 180 degrees and trying again, it was still the left input, than it may not be your rocket. Multiple controllers tried, means that it may be something in the game not letting you turn that direction (maybe a bug, maybe something else). Have you tried to turn on/off SAS? (try once with both settings) What about going into sandbox mode and trying the same craft? Also, what about trying a completely different ship? Does it still do the same non-existent input?
  4. Try spinning your craft 180 degrees and see if it still only goes one way. That way you can tell if it the craft, or a bug/your controller