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  1. Glad this is being continued! Is it just me or do the maps not work? And do you happen to know if Houston is still compatible?
  2. Mat van Kerman

    Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live!

    You should get it. It's fantastic!
  3. I was playing on a stock install and I noticed a sort of texture glitch on the Pea reentry module, but was visible only from the "back", and not from the front. It seems to be a floating circle of some sort that must be an artifact from the decoupler. It's certainly not gamebreaking, but maybe should be considered to be fixed in the upcoming patch. Here's a picture: Also wanted to say that MH is simply fantastic!
  4. That's fantastic! Keep it up.
  5. I still have this problem on 1.4.1. I will play with the settings a bit and see if I can fix it.
  6. Mat van Kerman

    [1.5.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.8.2] August 18, 2018

    Will 0.8 be for KSP 1.4.1?
  7. Mat van Kerman

    New Mission builder and carreer interactions

    If you put them in career, the rewards for custom made missions could be incredibly unbalanced though.
  8. Mat van Kerman

    Couldn't create posts or reply this morning

    It also happened to me. I also couldn't post or open my profile drop down, among other things. Logging out and in didn't fix it. Obviously it's working now though.
  9. If development continues on this, is it/will it be compatible with Connected Living Space?
  10. Mat van Kerman

    [1.3.1] OpenTree - v2.5 (25/1/2018)

    I'm super excited for this, it will be awesome!
  11. Mat van Kerman

    Complete Beginner Modding Tutorial?

    Haha! Okay, thanks for all the info, it helps a lot.
  12. Mat van Kerman

    Complete Beginner Modding Tutorial?

    Thanks! Sorry for being such a newbie, but are normal/specular maps necessary in any way? And I read some stuff about having to add a separate collision mesh, although I think that was on an older tutorial, that's not still necessary, is it? One last thing, is there any preferred texture resolution, or is the default 1024x1024 fine?
  13. Mat van Kerman

    Complete Beginner Modding Tutorial?

    So what would the preferred way to convert from .png to .dds be then?
  14. Mat van Kerman

    Complete Beginner Modding Tutorial?

    Thank you! Any idea where I can get some textures for my models?
  15. Mat van Kerman

    Complete Beginner Modding Tutorial?

    Okay, thanks! I'll look around.