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  1. Short of downloading the tiles and stitching them together, not really. I'm reluctant to add an endpoint to the app for that, because it would be a flippin' big image and I don't know what serving it up would do to my bandwidth budget. But it may end up not being a big deal, so I'll think about it. Thanks for this suggestion, too.
  2. Do the texture updates to Jool and Laythe impact the map tiles, or just at the "up-close-as-in-Jeb-is-standing-on-the-surface" level? In other words, do I need to re-extract map tiles for Laythe for use in Kerbal Maps?
  3. I'm using a third-party package to render the maps, and I don't know off the top of my head if it supports a map projection like you're requesting. I'll add it to the list to investigate. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. The short version: Only if someone asks for it. The longer version: If you don't see it in the "Other features I plan to add" list in the head post of this thread or somewhere on the kanban board, assume that it's never occurred to me. Please request it -- I want this to be useful for everyone, not just me.
  5. I can easily work with the default format. Reformatting text documents is something that I have a lot of experience doing.
  6. I've got the values as extracted by Sigma-Cartographer for both stock and JNSQ, but thank you for the offer.
  7. They're stored in the database at the moment, in a form that's better suited for the app than human eyes. I'm thinking about changing that, but haven't had much time lately to devote to this. If the kittopia dumps are working for you, great.
  8. In the production version (https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org) or the staging version (https://kerbal-maps-ui-staging.herokuapp.com)? I haven't implemented either biome legends or overlays for the staging version yet. Crud. I just noticed that they're not working in the production version, either. sigh
  9. No worries. I thought this was a feature request.
  10. The tiles generated for level 7 already have aliasing artifacts, so I'm reluctant to add additional zoom levels. However, I'm open to suggestions for improvement. What does zooming in further make easier?
  11. Another quick program update: Kerbal Maps has been updated to 0.5.2 on the staging environment at https://kerbal-maps-ui-staging.herokuapp.com/. I've fixed a few small bugs, added a couple of widgets, and (most importantly) added map tiles for Huygen.
  12. What's with the Dorothy red slippers on Nara, or is that an Easter egg?
  13. A quick program update: Kerbal Maps 0.5.1 is on the staging environment at https://kerbal-maps-ui-staging.herokuapp.com/. This is a near-complete rewrite of the code, so it's something of a reversion, but I'm working on bringing it back up to feature parity with the production version. Feel free to poke and prod, and please report any issues you encounter to https://github.com/FiniteMonkeys/kerbal-maps-ui/issues (note this is different than the URL in the post at the head of this topic), via DM, or as a reply in this topic. Many thanks to everyone who has helped out with this update.
  14. https://kerbal-maps-ui-staging.herokuapp.com/ This isn't the final URL, so be warned if you bookmark it. Kerbal Maps v0.5.1 is a near-total rewrite of the app, so there are some things that still haven't been ported over from the production version, including latitude and longitude grid markers search overlays a legend for the biome map (Come to think of it, I'm not sure all of those are working in the production version, either.) Those of you who are familiar with the bodies in JNSQ: please browse through the maps to see if they look right. Ever
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