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  1. Thanks dude! Thanks for the comment! hehe yeah I will
  2. Hello everyone! I'm back with my lifters to finally present to you: the OLS Heavy ! The most heaviest and advanced lifter that I have made. Powered by fours boosters (each is composed with four solid rocket boosters) [16 solid boosters] and the same efficient main liquid fuel engine than the OLS II ER on what we have added 6 little engines next to the main engine to increase thrust.The difference appear on the second stage, smaller than the main stage (the heaviest thrust launch the rocket at an higher altitude so she don't need a lot of fuel to finish the orbit) with a single engine. Yo
  3. Hello! Yeah, I have try to launch some different playload this morning. The OLS II ER rocket can launch 70 tons of playload in lower kerbin orbit (LKO) no, more... With 90tons for exemple, the rocket cannot made an orbit, but with 70 we are at the limit. To launch 70t you must change the size of the fairing in the top of the lifter of course. You can launch, crew vehicles, probes, rovers, fuel, etc... All the best, Nuno Seletti
  4. Hello everyone! I'm back with an other new lifter more heavyset than the first! I present to you the OLS II ER ! (ER, for extended range) He is composed with the same first stage engine and external twin engines, the difference appear son the second stage, with moire larger fuel tanks and more powerful engine, and finally a more big fairing. You can send a crew to the Mun, launch big payload to LEO or more higher orbit around Kerbin, or send probes. Down here are the technical characterisitic: wheight, longer, larger, diameter... (sorry for the Cyrillic alphabet )
  5. Okay I see what you mean, it will be better to be in orbit! thanks for the info i will be modif it
  6. So here is some pictures of my OLS! I will post more later some pics of the second versions of the OLS to carry the playload more firther, to the Mun! The OLS II ER (Extended Range)
  7. Hello! okay yeah I see: I may post it individually that you can see my lifter
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Nuno Seletti and I am new in this forum! I use KSP for many years. Now with this new version I want to present to you the result of some hours of experimentations and work to built a very efficient and powerful lifter to launch any size of playload in medium Kerbin orbit or more further than the Mun: I present to you the OLS! (Orbital Launch System) made by myself (NASA flag company) A perfect regular lifter that can carry as I said before any playload (in size not on every type like a space shuttle) on medium or more high orbit, with a big torque and fuel reserve
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