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  1. Hello, @damonvv! How do they go with the development of Ghidorah Heavy?
  2. Hmm... Is the texture of the fairings included in the mod or is it Your own? UPD: How did you put the side boosters? Mechjeb somehow not working properly
  3. I, too, share their screens (well, as without Govsat-1)
  4. https://imgur.com/a/T66sF I did it, @damonvv
  5. There are plans in the next update to introduce a barge?
  6. Thank you. Really looking forward to version!
  7. What will be the next version? 1.0.3 or 1.1?
  8. Hi. The fact that I found out is not critical, but irritating bug. First, going into the game, I brought the launch Rodan and tried to run it in the air, and then land what I've got (the fire was at it). After I clicked "Revert to launch" Rodan is back on the launcher and when starting the engine was no longer a flame. P. S: I Have installed RealPlume