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  1. It makes it so hard to make stuff without an in-line stayputnik. It wouldn’t be hard to make, either. It would be much appreciated if it was added.
  2. I was kinda referring to improvements on the weasel, but thanks anyway!
  3. After finding that the reader of the instructions for this challenge was dyslexic, we transferred him to Human Resources so he could do no more harm Spudnik Space Aero Division Presents: The SSBJ-1111 "Ferret" https://kerbalx.com/crafts/39791/undefined We have fixed many of the problems surrounding the SSBJ-1001. This plane has many features including but not limited to: the impossibility of a turboprop jet, oxidizer tanks filled with extra snacks, and more! While it is a short range plane, it will definitely get the job done! And for cheaper than other aircraft in its class! Price: just under 30 million Speed: at 7 km, 240 m/s Passengers: 24 Notes: While it can take off at lower speeds, take off at 40 m/s or faster to avoid tail strikes; ignore floppy parts, they won't fall off. By all means, tell me what to improve. We need ideas for the SSBJ-1112/2002
  4. Wow, seeing as how the ssrj-1001 was an utter failure, the ssrj-1111 is now in production! Let’s just hope it works better this time @CrazyJebGuy, amirite. Also, I misread the directions, so that’s why it had 8 passengers. I thought Mk 2s were 24, not 8
  5. 91-Watch YouTube videos about ksp 92-make mods 93-revive Jeb 94-revive Val 95-revive Bob 96-revive Bill 97-Jool-5 challenge 98-try to get this thread to 100 99-Be really close to getting this thread to 100 100- Get to 100!!!!!
  6. You know those pictures/badges that show up underneath peoples posts? Of course, I have no idea how to do those, but like a picture that is like bronze, silver, etc., of how many you bought. So like bronze is 5 bought or silver is 10 bought or something like that. If I’m not being too pacific, please say so.
  7. Can you make a badge for like how many you "bought" or something like that? idk...
  8. Chapter 2: To the Heavens! The Krakkenists. Their building expertise and all around know-how got them to orbit before the Devvists. While this was a major blow to the Devvist's pride, they decided that they would go the extra mile the next time around. Explorinator-1 Kraken-2 The Krakkenists finished their celebration and began work on their next project: putting Kerbalkind in space. They were in a hurry, so they decided to ditch pilot control and just remotely control it. Jeb was too much of an asset for this test, so they recruited Harpond Kerman for the job. At Zebedee, however, the Devvists knew that if they wanted space supremacy, they would need a geostationary network. They got to work on a craft that would get the entire network up at once immediately.
  9. [Male Voice]: These Devvists are causing too much trouble around here. The moment they start getting an edge, I want them all killed. [Female Voice]: Mr. President, if they find out, then you will likely be executed. [Male Voice]: Then may the Kraken save me. [Female Voice]: Yes Mr. President, I will inform KSC now. [Male Voice]: Then it is done.
  10. 86- revive this thread 87- write stories
  11. Wow, thanks for all the advice! Chapter 2 is coming this weekend
  12. NASA said it was a blue blood supermoon so I think they are right
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