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  1. KSP's engines have a balance that's waaay on the easy side of things, the TWR and iSP numbers make it much easier to launch rockets. KW engines try to be more on the 'realistic' side with engines designed for specific roles like real rocket engines are.
  2. You'll likely need to attach struts to the engine to keep it stable. Alternately, you could use the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod to generally stiffen things up a bit. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55657-0-23-Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement-v1-6-Properly-Rigid-Part-Connections-12-29
  3. If you have a bunch of other mods installed KSP could be butting up against the memory limit for 32-bit processes. B9 for sure takes up a bunch of memory, and installing a texture reduction pack helps greatly. Additionally reducing texture quality to half resolution in the graphics options helps a bit as well.
  4. That partially fixes it, there's another problem somewhere along the line.
  5. Seems there was an extra MODULE heading so just remove it by hand till he releases an updated version. The part is in GameData\KWRocketry\Parts\Structural\KW3mDockingRing. MODULE <- remove this { <- and this MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = top nodeType = size2 } } } <- and this as well Just remove those tagged bits and it'll work as expected. And by as expected I mean you can right click to get the 'control from here' button. There seems to be another problem that isn't immediately obvious.
  6. It's a B9 5m fuselage section I stuck on there to move the 1.25m docking ports out from the hub.
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