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  1. Hi. I install KSP realism overhaul and game is fantastic with this mod.But i have very big problem.I install the mod Near Future Propulsion and i have problem with engine Vasimr.When i launch in orbit rocket and start engine have to low power.In Build place show me the same thinks.I try to modify engine from GameData/NearFuturePropulsion/Parts/Engines but nothing happen. Thanks
  2. Kk i edit this.But when i make fuel be more light engine consume more fuel.Sorry about my second question but i want to ask : how make fuel be more light and engine consume same fuel in flight but save same power. Thanks.
  3. Hi all in this forum. I search in Internet how config oxidizer and liquidfuel in commonresources.cfg but i don't find.I have question:What is name in CommonResources.cfg this 2 resources.I just want they to become lighter. Thanks
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