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  1. I thought it did, but it wasn’t a huge amount of fuel tanks and engines. It was a pain to get it setup - moving around what side couplers go when was insanely annoying, since it wants to move all modules when you go to pull a single one to another stage. I had to add empty stages, pull like 2 of my modules to a new stage, then add another stage to eventually split them apart. I hope this gets fixed sometime! Good luck! It took me like half an hour to sort it out.
  2. I tried flying my MIG based fighter jet and the handling with the enhanced edition is way better! It’s really easy to adjust your landing gear to g at the height right, and get the main gear far enough apart to get a wide foot print. I’m so glad we can target our waypoints now!!! i’ve got to check out the analog throttle setting to see what that does. I’m finally at the point where I’m going to do a minmus landing - not sure how i’ll like the current way the throttle works or not. I guess it’s an excuse to try both settings. Anyone else try the analog throttle?
  3. I'm really liking this update! I like the new sounds and different visuals. Also, thank you for fixing the camera orientation in the VAB and SPH - I can finally move the camera around so I can build bigger vessels. I'm glad my kerbals don't fly off the spaceship when I EVA and I collect data/reset science devices too! The controls take a little to get used to, but that's a given, since I'm so used to the prior version. I did notice that trying to skip ahead to the next day in KSC works, but when I go to the VAB, then go to launch, it reverts back to the time prior to me skipping ahead. At least I can switch to the vehicle tracker and advance the day there and go back to the launch pad. I also noticed my tourist Kerbals don't always disappear when I've finished their specific part of their contract (take 3 kerbals into suborbital flight in Kerbin), but they do disappear when I complete the rest of the contract. I'll see if I find anything in the bug tracker on that. Also, thank you for the debugger! It took me a min to figure it out and got a laugh when I thought "there's no way that's how you get to it" as it went to the screen. It's really nice to be able to see the biomes and to set my spaceship in orbit right away to practice EVAs and what not. For those wondering, the best hint was 30 lives. I won't give the rest away... Anyone else have issues with their ship spinning out of control when you go EVA w/o a probe core that has SAS? I get that SAS is shut off when the pilot leaves, and that in real life I'm sure we don't really do EVAs with one person on a ship. My fix is to use the probe core, but was wondering if others had better ideas. Well, off to practice more EVA maneuvers, since the controls are slightly different, but better, before heading to the Mun!