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  1. Dunno about you but I think it's time we gave up on this thread just like the devs did with the game. Been almost 3 month with not as much as a breath about the game or any updates. See you guys with the next release of kerbal.
  2. Patience is something I'm kinda running out of. Expecially since I've been patient since the first release
  3. Yes that's why I want to know when the next update is coming out so I don't have those bugs again.
  4. I lost another save file to the bugs in career. Same bug as previously stated in another thread. Where I was forced to reset the game after using mission control and getting locked in the building because it would not let me back out only to reload, find all my ships have again been deleted and I can't even launch a new ship because when I press launch the button greys out and I'm stuck there until I reset to find out that I still can't launch ships. I put over a week and a half on that save to have the same bug that broke my last save. Is it really too much to ask for to be able to play a game the way it is meant to be played the day I bought it?
  5. I get that they have multiple versions of the game on different platforms. But shouldn't they fix the new broken release before releasing dlc as to lighten their load and get things done faster? To me it just feels like a money grab.
  6. Honestly I don't care if they patch one bug at a time while fixing the game just so long as we know they are actually putting some kind of effort into it. I just don't want them ignoring us and screwing us over again. This **** really needs to stop happening.
  7. Any news when the next update will be. Or even if there is any progress whatsoever. Hearing a lot of updates for the pc but nothing for consoles.
  8. Had to restart the game from the previously mentioned Mission Control bug. Loaded in and all quicksaves and saved ships from both VAB and SPH have disappeared. Reset the game again and they still not there. Did the game delete them? Turns out that I can no longer save ships I've built or even launch a ship from either the VAB or SPH. I can build ships but as soon as I click launch or save ship, the "Return to space" "Launch" "Open craft" "new craft" "Save craft" buttons are all greyed out. The other buttons work but can't back out only reset. But resetting the game doesn't fix it. Can I get a refund? Don't really wanna start again to bug test a broken game I payed full price for.