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  1. Thanks everybody for replying. I knew this community wouldn't let me down. A batch script to strip the two parts from any crafts they're used in seems like a nice way to come around this problem. As long as my old crafts work, it'll be fine. I don't really know how modding works, so recreating or editing mods to fit my needs seem like it's over my head. Especially when I'm too busy with school and work, I can't spare time to learn modding. But a batch script is something I can handle. I did thought of this after writing the post but wasn't sure if it would work. I was indeed surprised that only 2 parts were causing problems, I was expecting alot more from such heavily modded game. If that was the case, I wouldn't bother updating and continue from 1.2.2. But since problem is with 2 parts only, it seemed hopeful. I think I need to thank the developers of the mods I use, even if not all mods are compatible for 1.4.5 exactly, i took the risk of installing the same mods for 1.4.x if 1.4.5 version wasn't avaible, and they're compatible, which is nice. Thanks again guys, you've saved me from alot of trouble.
  2. Hello fellow KSP players. First of all, I hope I'm not violating any forum rules by posting this here. I need your help on a problem i've been having. I have recently updated my game from 1.2.2 to 1.4.5. The computer i'm playing in is usally not connected to internet and with using alot of mods I didn't wanted the game to update anyways. But recently my game became corrupted (it was not loading), which i couldn't fix neither by reinstallation or steam verification. I've managed to solve my problem with backing up everything and formatting the pc. So instead of going on with 1.2.2, I've decided I should install the game in the latest update. Somehow I have managed to install all the mods i've been using (120+ mods) using CKAN the same way i've installed them before. And when I copied by old saves to the new game, upon loading the save it says alot of my crafts were not loaded because of missing parts. I've checked all the crafts it couldn't load and there are only 2 parts it seems it can't load. Both parts belong to diffrent mods and interestingly, other parts from the same mods aren't causing any errors but only these two does. Parts are "sensorTime" from Mkerb Inc. Science Instruments and "DTMagnetometer" from KSPInterstellar mod. Now here's the catch, both of those parts exist in my game files, in the same folder as the older game. And when I compare the cfg files for both parts, they are exactly identical except for the localization (#autoLOC_) lines. I've tried to change the new cfg's with the old ones but didn't help. Most of my crafts, including my space station and lunar base aren't loading because of parts that exist but somehow cannot be recognised by the game. What can I do to fix this? I can always load the old game and remove those parts but it would take very long, since the game is heavily modded and load times are long. What would you suggest I do? I don't want to fix my savegame with loading the old game and removing the parts one by one from 10's of crafts by hand. It would be too time consuming. So I'm open for suggestions. Please help. Thanks for reading. I'm don't think they're relevant but here are my specs. i7-920, Asus R9-270X 2GB, 12GB Ram I couldn't find a way to upload my KSP.log file, but if you show me a way, I can also post it, if it helps.