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  1. For me, it used to be a lot worse in the first console version. The bigger the ship and longer the mission, the more clicks it would take to select anything. Eventually you'd be unable to at all, but a reboot of the system would typically reset it. In enhanced edition it sometimes takes a couple clicks, but hasn't systematically gotten worse.
  2. I noticed that one as well. Not sure if a bug or I'm missing the correct shortcut - Anyone know how to reset the camera focus to the vessel? I can manually select a different celestial body (although there doesn't seem to be an easy cycle like before EE) but don't have a way to go back to the craft.
  3. Been wondering the same thing. Can do physics warp in the atmosphere doing a burn, but not in space. On the plus side, it's nice to be able to time warp with buttons now. Side note: Fantastic change to allow the vessel to stay on an SAS vector even when in cursor mode. Used to be very tricky when every time you would bring up the cursor you would deactivate SAS.
  4. I noticed the same thing, wasn't sure if it was a bug or intentional that I couldn't cycle through viewing other celestial bodies. To add some positivity, the gameplay seems much quicker and I was happy to see no limits on size and part counts. I did switch back to cursor mode however. Probably not fair to compare what you're used to using for the last year compared to a day, but I found the new radial system difficult. Probably give it another fair shake.