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  1. What I would love to see in the game, at least as a mod is an option to open the map in another window. I have two monitors and would love the look and functionality of having the in flight view and the map view. At least an up to date mod, there is a mod for KSP but it isn’t updated and only works with 1.4, and from how I’ve heard it functions, it opens another copy of the game and only runs the map view. I haven’t tried it myself but I think that it would be laggy as it’s running two Laggy games at once. But I could be wrong. I feel like mechjeb would be a good mod for this to be included in
  2. Ok so as you know from the title my kerbnet dose not seem to work correctly. Every time I pres kerbnet access I get a screen saying it’s offline. I have 100% signal strength and direct connection to the space center. As far as parts that would influence this I have probodobodyne for a probe body (that took to long to spell) and two narrow band scanners the only mod I have running on this is TweakScale which can change the size of the parts but I don’t think that would influence it thanks for even reading this
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