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  1. This is a cool mod, but can you tell me how to integrate this mod with other part mods that have interior like OPT space shuttle system?
  2. I've never visited jool before, it's too hard to calculate the hohman transfer orbit to the jool, the furthest planet that i had ever visited was duna. And it was in duna's low orbit.
  3. Whoa....... really beautifull interior, but i can't download it, maybe it will be lag on my laptop becaus it was potato laptop
  4. How about the hooligan's lab airship, i think it won't be compatible because it's still compatible with KSP 1.3.X
  5. Actually, i don't understand about C#, but i can understand C++
  6. Me too, i just want to play with this mod but without be anoying for the developer. So, i have some purpose here to fix the bug. And help recompile this mod into the 1.5.1, but i want to know how?
  7. I still have a problem with the window, It didn't show when i built my second ship.
  8. I have a question. I have a nebula texture with dds format. Can i use it for change the stock nebula texture? This the screenshot Sorry, I'm not a imgur user because it blocked in my country by the goverment