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  1. If any of you are interested, I created a freeforum of my own, specifically for this show. If your interested in checking out the show, or already are a fan, please join. http://dan-vs.freeforums.net/
  2. 2006. None of the other Chernobyl docs, docudrama, or films covered this angle of the story BTW. And these two did it suspiciously similarly
  3. That's ok. The Hub, It was a popular TV channel in the early 2010s. They were most famous for My Little Pony, but also had Shezow! and Littlest Pet Shop. Dan VS. was about Dan Mandel, a man who hates everything and wants revenge on the world
  4. Any of you remember this show about one mans quest to get revenge on the world? It aired a couple years back on The Hub.
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