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  1. If any of you are interested, I created a freeforum of my own, specifically for this show. If your interested in checking out the show, or already are a fan, please join.
  2. 2006. None of the other Chernobyl docs, docudrama, or films covered this angle of the story BTW. And these two did it suspiciously similarly
  3. That's ok. The Hub, It was a popular TV channel in the early 2010s. They were most famous for My Little Pony, but also had Shezow! and Littlest Pet Shop. Dan VS. was about Dan Mandel, a man who hates everything and wants revenge on the world
  4. Any of you remember this show about one mans quest to get revenge on the world? It aired a couple years back on The Hub.
  5. Done. Very funny, although not much of a fic TBH