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  1. If any of you are interested, I created a freeforum of my own, specifically for this show. If your interested in checking out the show, or already are a fan, please join. http://dan-vs.freeforums.net/
  2. 2006. None of the other Chernobyl docs, docudrama, or films covered this angle of the story BTW. And these two did it suspiciously similarly
  3. That's ok. The Hub, It was a popular TV channel in the early 2010s. They were most famous for My Little Pony, but also had Shezow! and Littlest Pet Shop. Dan VS. was about Dan Mandel, a man who hates everything and wants revenge on the world
  4. Any of you remember this show about one mans quest to get revenge on the world? It aired a couple years back on The Hub.
  5. Thank you, I'll read some of those ASAP. Being a bit complicated isn't a problem, I've been in the Daria fandom, I know the meaning of complicated. What's the deal with the Kraken again?
  6. I never read the subplots anyway. I only ever read the mainstory
  7. I THINK I read First Flight last time I was here, that the one with the complicated subplots?
  8. I just got here. I remember really liking a few fics a year or two back, any good recommendations
  9. I’m a wanderer, I go from fandom to fandom, read some fics, learn the culture, etc. I just blew in from the Daria Fandom, real swell place, very active. I remember really liking some of the fics on here.
  10. Ahoy amigos and amigas, I’m.... Well, technically Child of a Minion, but call me “The Wandering Cosmonaut” if you will. I’d like a rebranding. I created this account over a year ago with selfish intent. I just wanted to find the Kerbalizer. Some of you my recall that. I am sorry. I was stupid to do that. i am here now, simply seeking to take in the sites sights, the smells, enjoy the culture and learn the history. I’ve seen fandoms do great things before. I want to see more. I’m The Wandering Cosmonaut. How are you today?
  11. Good, found a guy with every version from 0.6.5 to 0.13.3 Still need idiot proof steps for texture replacer. And info from someone who actually bought the full version of Kerbalizer off the website.
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