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  1. Actually, @Jognt submitted a PR to the continuation that ignores the deployed science as well. Works on my system, anyways. https://github.com/tekaohksp/Science-Full-Reward/blob/master/Science-Full-Reward.cfg In any case, no reason we can't work together for the time being, then! Welcome back to KSP! (Just in time to look forward to KSP 2)
  2. I'm so sorry, I posted a continuation of your mod a few months ago... If you'd like to resume maintaining your mod, would you like me to withdraw my fork from CKAN or anything? It was yours first, after all.
  3. New launchsite biomes already work, I believe. Breaking ground science doesn't seem to yet, but that would be super awesome.
  4. Thanks for your blessing! It's been one of my essential mods for a long time, and I'm glad I can make it easily available for players on newer versions.
  5. Yes, it's on CKAN. You could typing "reward" in the "filter by mod name" box. If it doesn't appear, you might want to try refreshing CKAN or making sure your filter settings are correct.
  6. Welp, time for a new computer. My current computer chugs just to run the current low quality textures and shaders.
  7. It always amazes me when people spend 2 years or some other long period of time on some KSP project. That's a lot of stick-to-itiveness! I wish I had that attentio... Well done! Hereby nominated for TOTM (if I can figure out how to do that)
  8. Collaboration Space Station is a popular one. Each collaborator designs and builds a module, launches it, and docks with the rest of the station. It's fun because the parts you build will actually encounter and interact with other people's work.
  9. There are strategies for instantaneous one-time exchanges in addition to the steady income ones. Or I suppose you could make believe by using the Alt+F12 menu to add and deduct science and funds at the exchange rate that you feel would be good for you. I still don't really understand the use case. Seems to me like science is pretty easy to get access to by just running experiments. A Minmus biome-hopping mission is fast and very scientifically enlightening. I'd personally never want to spend precious funds on science points. The tech tree caps out pretty quickly and then science isn't that useful anymore, other than for gaining funds (or rep, if that's your jam). But there are always unlimited uses for funds. But hey, everyone plays KSP differently. Alternatively, maybe you'd enjoy bumping your science rewards up a little if you're playing at minimum. Or try something like Science - Full Reward or Science - Full Transmit or both if you want the science to roll in a little more quickly.
  10. I can't help but wonder: What is it about strategies that are not working out for you? I'm also surprised that you'd want to buy science with funds. In my experience, it seems pretty easy to just about max out the tech tree in just a handful of missions within Kerbin's SOI. I'm usually in more of a hurry to sell my science points for funds. Funds are far more valuable in career mode, IMO.
  11. Based on empirical evidence, 1.8 is going to be terrible. 1.8.1 is going to be fantastic!
  12. Yea, gravity is a real downer
  13. In my KSP brain cannon, kerbals don't age, stay healthy in micro-gravity, and are able to engage in interesting online activities like reading, having discussions with other kerbals, and contributing to open source projects from the comfort of their command pods. The years thus pass quickly. It sure is good that their network communications aren't limited by silly things like the speed of light.
  14. Well, yea. But a jump gate mod could include an object with a texture to tickle the imagination
  15. I envisioned some object in orbit that, as long as you're within some number of meters, you can just use a UI menu to select another object in some other orbit elsewhere and be warped to within some number of meters of it. Then you'd actually be required to send one of these things to each place you'd like to go. They could be made to be pretty heavy so as to maintain some difficulty in delivering them to other planets. And perhaps there's an electrical expense or something. They might either work in pairs, or maybe any gate can deliver you to any other one.