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  1. 4 vessels too. career mode no stock vessels. all different launches. lol yes <moderator snip> i used cheat menu during the career. i don't do airplanes so i gave myself the science to buy plane parts for early career. ill make a new save same settings but no cheats and orbit 2 things and see if the bug happens again. Moderator Edit: Please don't use asterisks or other methods to circumvent the forum's language filter.
  2. xbox enhanced edition while using the radial control preset. if you use lb + rb to switch to map mode and use cursor to select a different vessel and select switch to. when it switches a blank menu appears and the docking mode also pops up but you cannot select anything or use your craft whatsoever. also i have replicated this after fully restarting the game. it happens every single time you try to switch vessels in this way.