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  1. Hunony

    What did you do on your first KSP Flight?

    did the tutorials, and then crashed on kerbin with a small srb mk1 pod, 3 fins and a parachute
  2. Hunony

    cant do anything in RO

    when i tested i couldnt place any part, and when i pressed launch, i couldnt control
  3. What is better in Efficiency; 2 ion engines or more or only a single ion engine?
  4. Hunony

    cant do anything in RO

    i installed via ckan so i shouldt have any problems since i got everything needed
  5. got RO and RSS, installed in a new install of ksp 1.3.1 and when game loads i cant move camera, build when i try to control rocket in launch pad my controls are locked and i cant do anything
  6. Hunony

    Well its my birthday today

  7. Hunony

    Well its my birthday today

    Its my birthday and im happy so i dediced to post
  8. Hunony

    What mod to control 2 dropped boosters

    i already have FMRS, i want a mod to control the 2 boosters when i jump back to the boosters drop
  9. ik just downgraded to 1.3.1 so i can test if it runs in my pc edit: i tested it today but for some reason i cant turn my camera, stage, throttle and etc. i installed via ckan
  10. Hunony

    [1.3] Launch Towers Pack

    is it working for 1.4?
  11. when i update for 1.4 this thing updates for 1.3 what
  12. i need a mod to control 2 dropped boosters from a FH what mod can i use for this?
  13. yeah im using BDA latest release, and i think you should do something like SSTU did here: but if you dont want ok.
  14. i want to delete the plume of certain engine, to i do this i just need to go to RealPlume-Stock and delete the .cfg file?