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    Fun gaming, and learning scripts. And working to together to get good script's.
    Working on streaming account, same as my screenname here.
    But cant always stream on same time so wil recording's.
    Because I work in the security brance.

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  1. that can work, for so far I see.
  2. That's right, those 4 are the 4 mission to get to de KOS-part. in career mode. to research this. start. engineering 101. survivabillity. basic science. Fight control. basic rocketry. this about 4 misions, if it going right. All fights are whit SaS, and RCS on. I'm now working on the kos. scripting to do more advanced thing's. there will be some mods come whit it. I will zip them together as mudpack. later on. the stage problem is still active, if I have more than 1 stage, whit fuel tanks. I now there was a part , but it whit the old kos. "if ship:liquedfuel < 0.1 {than stage.} " but I think I have a idee, "WHEN MAXTHRUST = 0 THEN < this say if there no trust, then.....{ STAGE. < the action it must do. SET staged to TRUE. < this the one I think that staged all the stage's. ( I mean it don't call out just the one stage.)} " there must something else there or meby nothing.
  3. LOCK throttle to 1. LOCK steering to up + R( 0, 0,180). wait 1. stage. //Staging WHEN MAXTHRUST = 0 THEN { STAGE. SET staged to TRUE. } wait until ALTITUDE > 3000. lock steering to R(0,80,180). this I have so far, but if I set it a 2e time. it stage. all in 1 time.
  4. Right now working on a issue whit the stage. part when fuel is running out. Program run, but it stopping to soon, before stage. 2e time.
  5. I will do, just need to see what did happend whit it... don't now if this working fine?? on the wiki tab I have the thing how I did do it. https://github.com/Kos-script-Project/Kos-script-Project-by-bluethunder198 https://github.com/Kos-script-Project/Kos-script-Project-by-bluethunder198/wiki
  6. Just made a update whit my GitHub file share. the first 4 mission to get to the start off Kos use , I have loadup there. So have fun whit it, if you get a better result on the science gettering, just post it. Than we can update the craft..
  7. That just also the thing whit me, just working on a nice script on the moment, for science collecting.
  8. For now I'm working on a career script start, Only whit Kos Mod. 1. Save rocket to launch. 2. automatic science gathering. 3. save orbit launche and landing. Als whit script save and craft save.
  9. Hi to all. In this Topic, I like to go Create scripts, together whit you all. From simple to complex scripts. "1 launche a rocket, to drive a rover, And yes, if we script it it is possible that we do it whit 2 or 10 objects at the same time" Its not that I now a lot about the scripting, but when we do it al to gether we now a lot more. So script along whit me, and how join the topic, to have fun whit the Kos system. Here is my GitHub for the file's. off scripts and crafts I use. If you also have a GitHub to share the file's let it now. WE set it all here so we can have fun, to share it..
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