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  1. I appreciate the personal video message. This at least gives me one thing to look forward to over the next year.
  2. You know what, I was looking at tbe wrong slide... If it's really delayed till 2024... I would not be shocked, sadly. At that point it really risks getting cancelled.
  3. It's definitely fake. Some bozo put games released in previous years on the future releases slide. Pft.
  4. I still remember the feeling that I had when I saw this post for the first time... We'll look fondly back on those feelings when it releases in late 2023. (I'm just being sarcastic, don't light me on fire.)
  5. I get the sentiment, but some really like updates. It's the most engaging thing about indie games. I remember following the original Kerbal blog before it was available to download at all, before you could pay for it, and way before it was on steam or officially released. I miss that engagement... Oh well, at least waiting for KSP2 has provided something to look forward to these last 2 years.
  6. Kerbal sprinting punctuated by the occasional faceplant or trip. Faster travel the Kerbal way.
  7. Not sure clickbait applies. It'd be nice if the planets looked like that, but I'm always reminded that they're designing this game with PS4 compatibility in mind. I think it'll look good, but not that good, sadly. It's more a reflection of the constraints in hardware, time, and money than designer skill. I'm sure there'll be scatterer2 or something...
  8. Probably porting KSP2 to this (didn't this unity edition just release this month?) would take another delay. Not super interested in another delay just to port it over, much less to redo all the effects they've already done with the new stuff. If they don't call something good enough at some point, they will eternally be upgrading an unfinished and unreleased game.
  9. Looks great. Is there any indication they are using this? The clouds and atmospheric scattering posts from the dev team both credited a named individual or team of people for the work, but made no mention of tools used.
  10. I haven't really played Kebal since the KSP2 announce (I'm abstaining, it was only supposed to be six months or so). I'm occasionally struck by the uncomfortable idea that what I enjoy might be the fond memories of better times playing a game I loved, and that if my current gaming habits hold for KSP2, I will have spent far more time anticipating release on this forum than I will actually playing the game. It's a sad thought, so I'll go have some ice cream. It's sad that it has to be 100% before release, I really loved the engagement that early Kerbal had with fans. Every release was a new present.
  11. I'm ok with the star thing if it fits the design of the engine. Would be nice if the vents cause heating or part damage if you put things too close (like in the pic).
  12. Doesn't the steam page say co-op multiplayer?
  13. Already been waiting two and a half years, what's another 8 months?
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