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  1. Everyone is pretty antsy for real disclosure of progress and meaningful gameplay footage at this point. Its a concern of mine as well that KSP2 may not be the quantum leap from heavily modded KSP1 that some hope for. As (the current) release window approaches (again), it does seem odd not to have more continuous footage. But really, we know what KSP gameplay loop is like already, and with exception of graphics or new features there isn't much to show. We won't gain much from watching a wobbly rocket go to orbit, and many would just wail that "gameplay is no different from the game I paid 7 dollars for" and storm out mad that little had changed. We'll get what we get when we get it, and if we don't like it we can not buy it or mod it. But yes, I want to see more too. And I'm worried they may have overoptimized graphics for potatoes.
  2. Almost had a mild freakout over reading that Nate Simpson had left. I'm glad I misread it. I have confidence Nate will deliver a great product since he loves Kerbal as much as we do. It's hard to say that about many games or products. Hoping we can get the goods before the world completely falls apart...
  3. I deleted it since this wasn't the thread for it. I accept that raising the bar too high would be too demanding for most of the target market's computers/consoles, and in interest of making the game a financial success, it needs to be carefully optimized and balanced. I'm just not hyped about it, is all.
  4. (This post will be unpopular with some) Could? They could make it look similar, sans the full path traced lighting and very high poly counts. Will they? Not a chance. They're trying to make it run smoothly on decade-old tech. I wrote a 4 paragraph long opinion piece on my thoughts on the recent teaser postings and screenshots compared to modded KSP with parallax 2, but I decided it's better not to instigate that kind of upset on this thread. I'm sure we will get a workable game with mod potential eventually. I'll buy it on day one, but might need to wait for modders to bring graphics (and parts packs) up to tier one specs... I can't play stock KSP anymore, so I guess I should expect the same with KSP2. Still excited for colony, in-situ, and construction functionality for sure.
  5. Apparently they're only planning about 600 parts (no word on if this is at launch, or over planned DLC as well), which is only about twice the KSP1 part count. Given that, and the fact it must include all of the new tech, plus colony parts, it's unlikely we will be getting tons of new part diversity. We will probably have to wait for mods for that.
  6. Sometime since the August 2019 announce. I can't keep track of every comment Nate made on every convo here, but I distinctly remember terrain deformation was a no, at least as a launch feature. He gave some brief technical explanation of why it would be a giant pain in the rear to do with heightmap differences or something.
  7. Devs said nope, if I'm not mistaken (I'm not).
  8. Well, I'll be glad to be wrong. I really hope to not feel the need to wait for mods before exploring the cosmos.
  9. Wow, that is exceptional work. I doubt they will be able to do something like that for stock KSP2, just due to it being too demanding for old consoles and little Timmy's hand-me-down optiplex. So basically, does it run smoothly at 1080p on a 10 year old i5 and GTX1050ti or so? If not, it probably won't be seen in KSP2 from the factory, is my guess... That doesn't mean it won't look good on release, just that it might not look quite that good due to realistic limitations.
  10. I think they'll start about where they started with KSP1. KSP is basic concept-level rocket science that they need to sell to kids and adults alike. They will want to give you the tools (parts) you need to succeed in getting to space right off the bat (and orbit later), both to give the feeling of a win early on and a compelling reason to keep up the struggle of learning a difficult subject. Struggling against poor tech is realistic but not fun for most people. The challenge of figuring it out with good tech is enough for beginners. Most of the sales will be to "novices," not dedicated fans. Some want more realism: There's RSS/RO for that. It has its moments, but sometimes it's too much work after a long day at work. Also, they don't want people refunding because it's too hard in the refund window. Just pat them along to space for two hours so that's out of the way.
  11. There's nothing to do when you get there but look at scenery that looks like it was pulled from PS2 game.
  12. I'm sorry, but nobody knows anything about system requirements yet... other than they're trying to get it to work on the greatest variety possible. Hopefully you can have a playable experience.
  13. I'm reading that they were unable to fix the unity particle problem having to do with speed (trail of puffs from KSP1) and decided to go with mesh effects instead. Also reading better aero is a distinct possibility.
  14. If you think we've got it bad waiting another year, think of what the mods will have to deal with in that timeframe.
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