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  1. It would be a shame to build big inflatable domes and bigger towers covered with windows but never get to look out of those windows or stroll around inside.
  2. Would be neat to explore the inside of the ship as well as the outside. I think they ruled out moving around the inside of the ship in 1st Kerbal view already, if memory serves me. I might be misremembering since they are modelling the interiors etc anyway...
  3. I'm much more impressed by the new mun than I thought I would be. The planet "asset" is freaking amazing. Manages to be both realistic and Kerbal at the same time. In the close up view, I see shadows for individual rocks... They look pretty brutal! Don't try to land there... and roving that terrain should be much tougher than in KSP1, assuming the rocks will be 3D. I can't wait to see a Kerbal-level to orbit video showing all the different levels of detail meshing from one to another!
  4. I'm not sure how much of the more realistic aspects of space failure will be put into the game, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on some of the less agreeable things. Debris: Traditionally, KSP stuff just blows up. Even metal parts with no fuel kind of "poof" away to nothing if they hit past a certain speed. I know one of the devs said that we could harvest ships etc for building resources at colonies, so why shouldn't we be able to recover debris from failed launches? Bodies: Many Kerbals will die. Do Kerbals "poof" away in KSP2? Do they leave remains? Maybe the r
  5. I'm putting in my vote for 3 total systems worth of stuff. Home system, nearby complete system, and a more distant system with fewer, more bizzare planets. Sprinkle maybe a rogue planet or something in on the side. I don't see us getting tons and tons of new planets with all the work that appears to be going into them, and I'd rather not wait any extra time to add more worlds that can be added after release.
  6. If it's a glacial area, it makes sense that it would be pretty flat at the kerbal level. I'm already blown away and it's more awesome than I ever expected, I'm just putting in my beg for the surface being rough in rough areas instead of a texture that is actually fairly smooth. I'm not sure why I'm even concerned at this point... It's clearly in the best hands possible and the work so far has been KSP3 grade, as far as I have seen.
  7. I haven't tried this person's mod yet, and I know what we are seeing is not 100% complete, but I really hope we get terrain that is a challenge to navigate (at the kerbal level) and not flat surfaces with a textured look for landing/building convenience. For example, from the above poster's mod, see below:
  8. This track has a Battlestar Gallactica vibe. I'm pretty religious about turning music off when launching a game, doesn't matter what kind... But I think I'll be leaving it on to try it out for KSP2.
  9. There will probably be a simple cloud option in the menu. Tons of games have volumetric clouds as a toggleable option for performance reasons.
  10. I think the glare looks great, honestly. Between the frigid, icy conditions and the unfiltered sunlight, it's going to be crazy bright looking in the direction of the sun. Even if it's a dark surface that's not shiny, it's still going to reflect a lot of light to the eye.
  11. Do I see... ORE? Is that ore? Can I mine that? Please tell me I can mine it.
  12. I don't think the corporate types that Nate and crew have to answer to would allow that, though. Paying to preview a work in progress would probably lead to terrible PR. But they have been good enough to us to give us Friday updates for free!
  13. I paid $15 US dollars for KSP in May of 2012. Best money I ever spent. I would have gladly paid for the DLC just to support the developers, but I kept getting them for free because Squad kept its word to early supporters. If paying more than $60 would make KSP2 be finished faster, I'd gladly do so, but that isn't how it works. I think many of these hit and run giveme posts are people who will have forgotten that KSP even exists by the time KSP2 is out.
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