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  1. I wonder what role Nertea is playing on the team?
  2. Gotta be career for me. I like working around technological/logistical/funding constraints. I want to feel like I've earned it.
  3. I'm really curious to hear a development story or recap when it's released. Hopefully they can talk about it at that point. Or maybe work a developer history into a credits video or something?
  4. I see the outlines look a lot like really old CGI of 3D shapes, but it feels odd with the textures being modern. My unsolicited opinion is to take the textures and effects down to practically nothing, while maintaining the outline/wireframe 1980's CGI look. That way, people can practice the physics without losing the "cool factor" of the more realistic graphics when they do the maneuver for real. Also, this would allow landing and orbit insertion practice for a planet without spoiling the visual coolness when you actually do it.
  5. They pretty much have to have an accurate landing autopilot worked out for the AI to use if the supply run mechanic will be anything more than abstracted, so why not let the player use it after they've proven themselves capable?
  6. I sure hope so, but there's already a long and occasionally heated thread on that already. No official info released on aero yet.
  7. This got put out at 11:00 AM central time by "Intercept Games" instead of KSP Star at noon like usual. Does this mean we are getting a video at noon? Please?! (wishful thinking intensifies)
  8. Thank you. Looking forward to KSP2 is one of the remaining bright spots in an increasingly difficult to handle world.
  9. Hopefully not something like Kerbal skin texture again.
  10. Would KSP2 need a different model for hydrodynamics? Or would it still be able to use the aerodynamic model for underwater work?
  11. We don't know yet, but it was already stated that we can spawn a craft directly at a dock at the KSC. Be kind of strange to introduce the means to launch a ship without any ship stuff.
  12. Skycranes are neat and whatnot, but I'd really like an airbag landing option.
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