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  1. Unfortunately, in the comment section of the most recent video, somebody said that they were glad the team didn't show us what ovin's rings looked like from the ground since it would ruin the fun. It was by far the most liked comment. They may have taken that as people desiring not to see more "spoilers." I know there is a crowd who will gladly view "spoilers" of their own free will and then complain about viewing them, but it's unfortunate that it may have an impact on those of us who just want more info.
  2. Late March 2022 looks like the earliest possible release date based on the info they've given so far... I'm hopeful still.
  3. The suspense is worse than not getting anything, tbh. I get it that they are busy and lots of ppl on vacation and we aren't owed anything, but still unfun to be left hanging a bit.
  4. Multiple installs being possible is very important for KSP2. I know it won't be unsecured allowing copy/paste of folders like KSP1, but multiple moddable installs is important.
  5. We really need this effect with KSP2. All the scatter and better terrain is great, but if it's flat as paper when we zoom in, it's no good.
  6. We don't. The schedule that was set was "literally every other week." We've been getting morsels on a schedule now for some time. Devs mentioned the schedule at one point (can't find the post), so we all showed up expecting the usual tidbit and found nothing. We'll survive, I guess.
  7. Please don't be another "rip the bandaid off" post coming...
  8. It has been discussed a number of times here already. It's not going to be a part of the base game, and extremely unlikely to ever be a dlc due to the cost to produce it vs the small user base. I'm sure the modders will get to it, but it will probably take a few years.
  9. Checked @ 11:00, nope. Checked @ 12:00, nope. Maybe we aren't getting an update this 2 weeks.
  10. I think it requires n-body physics, which are not implemented for simplicity and predictability purposes.
  11. How early before release do they hire for these kinds of positions? Does anyone know?
  12. Looks like Take Two has posted up some new KSP2 jobs recently! 2X "Assistant Community Manager" positions, and 1X "Senior Community Manager." Assistant listings: https://careers.take2games.com/job/3620077 https://careers.take2games.com/job/3615900 Manager listing: https://careers.take2games.com/job/3615898 Highlights: Listings mention growing the brand "into new initiatives beyond gaming." They will "represent the KSP brand and spirit as on-site representatives at trade and consumer shows." One of the assistant community manager listings adds: "(Like PAX shows)" Listings say: "You're going to play KSP, a lot!" I notice that the listings mention "KSP" a lot, but not "KSP2." I'm guessing they are referring to KSP2, however, since there would be little reason to hire a team to advertise an older game on its way out. What do those knowledgeable about game development and marketing think about this? Does this inform on how far out we are from release? It looks like there is a "PAX East" in March of 2022. Maybe KSP2 will be there?
  13. I'm almost positive we will see at least one planet with mountains extending past the atmosphere. It's been on the list of "neat stuff" to add for many people.
  14. I just looked at take two's most recent quarterly report. This is from the report: Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption Online: Blood Money Update PS4, Xbox One, PC July 13, 2021 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Tuners Update PS4, Xbox One, PC July 20, 2021 Private Division Hades (physical release) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X August 13, 2021 Private Division The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos (DLC) Switch September 8, 2021 2K NBA 2K22 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Switch September 10, 2021 Private Division Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition PS5, Xbox Series X|S September 24, 2021 2K Mafia III: Definitive Edition Stadia October 1, 2021 Nordeus Top Eleven 2022 iOs, Android October 11, 2021 2K PGA TOUR 2K21 Baller Edition PS4, Xbox One, PC October 14, 2021 2K NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition Apple Arcade October 19, 2021 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition (digital release) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch November 11, 2021 2K Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition (physical only) PS5, Xbox Series X November 12, 2021 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (physical release) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch December 7, 2021 Private Division OlliOlli World PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch (digital only) Q4 Fiscal 2022 2K Tiny Tina's Wonderlands PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC March 25, 2022 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced PS5, Xbox Series X|S March 2022 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Online – Standalone PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC March 2022 2K WWE 2K22 TBA March 2022 Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition (mobile release) iOS, Android First Half of Calendar 2022 2K Marvel's Midnight Suns PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC Second Half of Calendar 2022 (Fiscal 2023) Private Division Kerbal Space Program 2 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC Fiscal 2023 As you can see, KSP2 is still mentioned as Fy23, but you will also note that everything else is given either a date, or a narrower time range. See that the list progresses in date as you go down. I'm not liking the way this is looking for early 2022 release.
  15. Physics is done. That could have been done 100% if the game was in wireframe. Planets are plug and play, as are parts. No indications of another delay so far.
  16. We've seen small clips of the physics and orbits working, so that's really all I need to see on that matter. It's physics, so i'm sure they've got it figured out. Besides planets, the only other things interesting to show would be parts or gameplay mechanics, but they are probably saving the really "wow" stuff for closer to release to drum up sales. Also, I think the build of this game lends itself to a test-as-you-go kind of system, because if they have the basic physics engine etc down first, they can do assets and planets etc and insert and test them as they finish them. The whole thing doesn't need to be done to test it.
  17. I do hope they make science more interactive. I'm sure they've already set a path on science by now and won't be changing much at this point. I'm sure it will be modifiable if it's not ideal.
  18. There appears to be a 5 to 6 month delay between feature videos, if that continues we should be looking at March-April next year for the next video.
  19. I like whichever minimus description ships on time. I'm sure the text will be moddable in the event some obscure sect of kerbals believes the minimun orthodox has been violated.
  20. I'm hoping for at least the option to start with planes and sounding rockets, but I acknowledge that they will probably sell most copies over steam, and with the 2 hour refund policy they will want to have the player put right into the meat of the action (rockets) as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of refund. Edit: The devs have not mentioned the tech progression or peripheral support yet, to my knowledge.
  21. Nertea is on the KSP2 team also. This actually makes me kind of worried for the future of mods... will we ever see the mods we loved from KSP ported to KSP2 if the modders are now devs? How would that even work? I'm sure they're making great parts for KSP2, but will we have the variety of parts options available if they are limited to sticking with a particular design theme or not having 4 engine types that do basically the same thing, but are slightly different? I'm going to miss the exceptional variety of modded KSP parts for a while, I fear.
  22. Hopefully they don't need the loading screens. KSP had by far the worst load times of any game I've ever played, by miles and miles. I'm sure KSP2 will be much better.
  23. Hopefully they will include a setting to adjust the distance at which this happens to make it less obvious. I know they have to optimize for low-end systems, but those ppl with high-end systems would rather have the option of making life harder on the GPU in exchange for more natural looking terrain loading.
  24. Did anybody save the video or have a link to it? Why wait to watch it? The PR team might be on a schedule, but I'm not...
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