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  1. Startling how little of this game is even properly planned out after 3 years of delays.
  2. I don't have any game questions, I just want to know what happened from the start of the project to the EA release. That's the biggest thing a lot of us are wondering, but are unlikely to ever get an answer on.
  3. I think it'll get a couple more updates before the T2 yearly earnings are reported, then it will be cancelled since it'll be another 3-5 years until complete. It's a complex, expensive title with a smaller customer base that has encountered significant setbacks and has massive technical debt. It'd be a poor business choice to continue to fund it. I think they're keeping it on a ventilator until yearly earnings, then the axe will fall. Unpopular opinion warning. Oops, did I put that afterward?
  4. Hindsight being 20/20, they should have just added interstellar, better graphics, and colonies as DLC for KSP1. This is unfortunate.
  5. I think it was a few people learning to code part time that worked for a marketing firm? Does that sound familiar?
  6. They're waiting at least until the two week refund window has passed (probably three weeks in case of late purchasers), in case someone was holding out hope that a patch would make things better and wanted to give them time to fix it. Your goodwill shall not go unpunished! This may be Kerbal... but it's T2 Kerbal now! (Possibly sarcasm, but I'm not sure anymore)
  7. I just figured it out! The reason they're releasing the first patch "in the coming weeks" instead of TODAY is because they want people to linger around until after the 2 week refund window closes.
  8. The timing is too much to be coincidental. They knew the rest of the company's financial situation before KSP2 release. Only things that changed were sales numbers for KSP2, reviews, and goodwill impairment. This cannot be a good sign. Sorry about your hype train getting derailed before being out of visual range of the station. Not good.
  9. I feel you. I've been excited since the announce video, and have been with KSP1 since the first downloads were available. KSP2 is not doing well. If it survives, it'll be in development for years, most likely. In the meantime, there's always mods for KSP1...
  10. No. The ones that should be making meaningful contributions to the community is/are the studio/publisher. They should contribute a game worth 50 bucks. Fam, I do weekly. This has been like waiting 3 hours for your meal, with the manager coming out multiple times to tell you "it'll be out soon," just to get served an undercooked side dish, immediately charged full price, with promise that the rest of your order will be on your plate... sometime... maybe tonight?
  11. Shocking it's not more negative. I've been scrubbing through the reviews, and it looks like most of the positive ones are about what they expect it to be in the future. Almost none of the positive reviews are about what they just bought and played. Most are just about signalling loyalty and hoping it will get better. You are doing a disservice to people by giving a game positive reviews out of hope or loyalty. Someone who might not know better might make a poor choice based on your cumulative reviews. DO review: The game you just downloaded and played. DO NOT review: Your hope for future developments, your support for the devs, your love of the franchise.
  12. Op: check back in six months to a year. It'll take them at least that long to get what was currently delivered in a playable state. That, or it will get the axe.
  13. I'm not talking about ads in the past week. Just the past day or so. Looks like they've all been pulled?
  14. I'm hearing from reddit that the ads have been pulled from meta. Has anyone seen any ads within the last day or so? None are coming up on youtube either. Not a great sign. It has only been a week.
  15. They WILL NOT signal it ahead of a decision. You are ALWAYS 100% behind a project until the call is made to the management to shutter it. Read nothing into it. I don't.
  16. I agree completely. Very much depends on whether the devs can pull off a stable baseline quickly. Faith in them has been adversely impacted. The brand image has been tarnished, but could be repaired if another KSP1 is the result. They need to get it working rapidly to prove to everyone that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and not just waste. If it looks good enough quickly enough, they might reconsider funding. As it stands, it looks like it has been thrown to the wolves. The devs themselves are likely being shielded from this kind of discussion as it has been known to impact morale and productivity negatively for many people. They start looking for jobs instead of working.
  17. This is the sunk cost fallacy. Money already spent is water under the bridge. It does not factor into financial decisions. This goes for the cost of acquiring the IP as well. At this point it'll be up to the publisher to decide if it's a sound investment to continue pumping money into development, and by the looks of the EA release, we got that answer already. Only matter left to decide (it would have already been modelled by a competent analyist) is the threshold for pulling the plug. Depends on the sales expectations upon completion and their faith in devs making a completed and popular product. That faith may have been damaged, but if completed WELL, it could be a home run. It remains to be seen, but I feel the idea needs to be introduced since people have grown very attached. I can assure you that if it happens, the decision will not be made lightly or with ill intent, it's just about money.
  18. As a finance person, pricing at $50 bucks after years of delays and being rushed out the door in this state indicates (to me) the following: They're done funding development, and the project needs to fund itself with sales revenue from here forward. Given the current state of things, they're likely to rapidly burn through the current sales revenue with little to no more influx until more stability or features are completed. No telling after (5?) years of development when that will be. I do not have access to their books, but looking at this purely from a financial perspective, if sales are as bad as I suspect, and with the history of development issues, cancellation is a strong consideration, IMO.
  19. People saying theses dropoff rates are ok should compare player counts of KSP1 vs KSP2. The new hotness has less players after a week than old and busted has after 10 years. The state it was released in is famously inexcusable, and has already made it into the meta of diverse gaming communities. It has been popping up as a meme and joke in places completely unrelated to KSP.
  20. I feel slightly less crusty now that I've seen a real person respond.
  21. TLTay

    KSP2 is Art

    I bet if you land there the surface is flat, the erosion is fake, the textures are bad, and the scatter is scarce.
  22. TLTay

    KSP2 is Art

    My theory is that it's people for whom gaming isn't much of a thing, but somehow got pulled in by KSP. As in, they don't play other games, or at least modern ones. It's easy to impress someone with nothing else in mind to compare it to. Must be the sound. Because it's not the graphics. Also, not many others are seeing it. For example, if I sit in a BMW, I don't grasp the added "value." Marketing and expectation setting could perhaps be a factor?
  23. TLTay

    KSP2 is Art

    What, OP? Seriously? I cannot imagine someone who actually plays other modern games saying KSP2 looks even half-decent. It's so underwhelming the devs announced a they will be working on a terrain overhaul on the first day! The response from the community was THAT BAD. I thought they were joking us with potato-mode graphics and holding the scatter density back in the teaser pics leading up release, but then they went and dropped the turd just like that.
  24. You have more optimism than I have. I think it's in a position where sales will need to cover costs or it's over. Maybe there's a chance. The thing I find odd is how the positive/negative review count is almost perfectly tracking 50/50 positive/negative, and has been since I started watching around 3k reviews. If they weren't game reviews, I'd swear someone was throwing the numbers to keep it at least 50% positive... I mean, I've checked in on the numbers and have repeatedly seen them within a double digit number of reviews of eachother. The odds are too low to be coincidence. I'd say it was fans doing it, but frankly there is coordination needed to keep pacing the positive reviews off of negative reviews. I'm not sure what has been going on there, but it seems fishy. Why not 47% positive? 56%? Why has it been right at the mark and often by fractions of a percent? I'll stop short of pointing fingers, but maybe somebody capable wants this thing to live. Numbers were roughly valid at time of posting.
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