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  1. Oh, thank you for the awnser, Drlicor, i will take a look
  2. @Jas0nIts Interstellar XD, im gonna try to contact them, but maybe you can learn some coding in kerbal, you look interested :), also, this is the mod: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/star-trek-2063-warp-mod
  3. @Jas0n Yes, i know, but i dont think that effect is good, i wanted a effect like reeentry but blue, like a sonic boom, but in space, cause if warp was possible, a real ship warping would collide with some kinds of eletric particles, and these things....
  4. Can i redistribute your mod to 1.3.1? Of course im gonna give credits, i updated it, but now can't publish it because of the license :(...

    1. bjornadri


      yeah tough luck he is never ever going to reply cause he's a thieving scumbag pile of ass who doesn't give a toss about his fans

  5. Space effects? Hey guys,i've been working in a mod last days, called Star trek 2063 Warp mod... The engines already work, them can co really fast than light... now i wonder, how do i make effects just like reentry in space? Just like that... Or like this, but blue and in space? cmon guys, help me, im not a real nice modder like you are... Thank you!
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