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  1. Holy cow!! I have seen the movie and now I can reenact it on KSP!! Love the mod thank you for your service!!
  2. Never mind!! I have fixed the problem by using CKAN to reinstall my mods and all of the work perfectly now!! Great!! Thank you for your help though!! People like you guys keep the ksp community a fun and great place!! Thank you for your service!!!
  3. I have already installed ModuleManager and Physics Range Extender, both (including BDArmory) are located in my ksp gamedata file like you said, and like I've done before in 1.3. I will supply you with my KSP.log though. Hopefully that helps you..... ....How do I get the log document to you?
  4. Hello if anyone can see this. I have used BDArmory in KSP 1.3 and it worked great, loved the mod so much. Seeing the new updates like 1.5 and 1.6 got me excited to combine such a mod. Unfortunately, I have ran in to a problem when loading my KSP game. I downloaded the mod for 1.5 and 1.6 through this website: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases I download the zip file and extract the mod folder, place the folder in my ksp gamedata folder. When I run the game in 1.5 or 1.6 the loading bar says BDArmory/Parts/20mmVulcan/vulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun, and stays there forever. The load
  5. I cannot find the arrest wire, catapult, OLS, tail hook, or the "tie down system" in the hangar (checked all the tabs more than twice). The only part I have is the ship hull or body. I see all these accessories in the mod file, but they do not show up in the hangar. I use linux, and I can't get CKAN to work for this OS. I looked through this forum page and found similar problems. All the problems you encountered, you used CKAN to solve them. This mod looks AMAZING, I only wish I could land an aircraft on the carrier, but I cannot slow it down enough. Hopefully you can solve this problem, if no
  6. Oops, * shut down. Does anybody know where to get a cool or good mod for an f-22 raptor or f-35 lightning cockpit, for KSP 1.3?
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