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  1. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    On your screenshot we can read "Joint broke under the force of 0.00" That 0.00 is weird, no? It's like saying that the joint broke under no force.
  2. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    Well, now we know it doesn't work^^
  3. In steam, go to steam menu (top left), then settings, then In-Game and you can change Screenshot shortcut key.
  4. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    Well, you don't select every part one by one. Your select a part and the welding will weld this part and all its children, grandchildren etc. So you design your wing like you did on the second screenshot, hit the welding icon, ctrl+click on the "root" of your wing, and hit [weld it]. You then have to reload the game and the wing will be available as a part in the category you chose when welding it.
  5. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    Well, if you try the welding mod, I'd be very interested to know if it worked or not.
  6. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    Yes, that's the mod I was talking about! (I don't know how to link mods, sry) I remembered it had parts that can't be welded like RCS or science experiments, but I was sure wings were not on the list. I should have checked, sorry.
  7. Gilead

    Craft collides with itself

    Hi! Maybe you could use the welding mod to weld all the parts of the wing together. That way, your wing will act as one big part and won't break, I assume. I say this, but I have never done it, it's pure speculation. Worth the try I think.
  8. Gilead

    My Spacecrafts?

    You're welcome!
  9. Gilead

    My Spacecrafts?

    I'm on Windows, but I'm pretty sure it would work the same way on Mac. 1) Locate you KSP folder 2) Open the save folder 3) Open the folder with the name of the save where your ships are (the science one) 4) Open the Ships folder 5) Open either the SPH or VAB folder, depending on which building you built your spacecraft in. 6) Copy the .craft file of the ship you want to copy (file name will be the name you gave your ship) 7) Paste the .craft file in the corresponding folder of your target save (the career one)! The ships will be available in your new save, but you're gonna have to unlock the parts.
  10. Gilead

    Jebediah respawning

    How do you get a Kerbal missing without him being dead ?
  11. I believe the radial mounted chutes add more drag to your capsules, thus slowing them more than the capsule with only an Mk-16. Also, I would suggest that you use the 2 kinds of chute (normal and drogue chutes) in conjunction. The drogue chutes slow less but can be deployed at higher speeds, slowing you enough for normal chutes to deploy safely. Also, on a unrelated note, your ship is way too powerful at launch. It would be more efficient to fire first only the side boosters and engage the middle one after depleting and getting rid of the side ones.
  12. Gilead

    RCS on HubMax?

    Thank you very much! It works almost fine. Almost, because if I put the rcs on the circuclar parts of the HubMax, it behaves normally, but if I try to put it on the little triangles it goes trough. Nothing that can't be solve with a little use of the move and rotate tools. So problem solved. Thank you again.
  13. Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of designing a space station. I use a Rockomax HubMax Multi-Point Connector as core. I wanted to add RV-105 RCS Thruster Blocks on the HubMax, specifically 8 RV-105 on the 8 triangle-shaped faces of the HubMax. That was the idea, but when I try to add RV-105s on the HubMax, they won't attach! Is it normal behavior? Is there a way to circumvent this? Thanks for reading me.
  14. Maybe you can gain fps without changing your pc. For example, the welding mod allows you to merge parts together, to lower the part count, and thus improving fps. Maybe you can try it before spending money? But if you do want to upgrade your pc, personnally, I would choose an i5 of the last generation, either an i5-8400 or an i5-8600.
  15. Hi, people, I asked about it on the KER thread, and jrbudda explained it. It is normal behavior after all. His words: So now we know.