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  1. Maybe you can gain fps without changing your pc. For example, the welding mod allows you to merge parts together, to lower the part count, and thus improving fps. Maybe you can try it before spending money? But if you do want to upgrade your pc, personnally, I would choose an i5 of the last generation, either an i5-8400 or an i5-8600.
  2. Hi, people, I asked about it on the KER thread, and jrbudda explained it. It is normal behavior after all. His words: So now we know.
  3. Oh! Thank you! I didn't see it that way, now I understand.
  4. Gilead

    Planting badS flag

    The badS flag is not an actual flag. It's an attribute in the game code that says "this kerbal is badass". It basically means he is never afraid, and you will see him smile even in the most dangerous situations as it is clearly explained in the wiki.
  5. Oh! That's what I didn't get. I thought both the M4435 and the surface scanner were for the spot. Seemed quite redundant. Thx. But anyway they give the same value now.
  6. I know that. My question was not about the M700 but the other two.
  7. Whether I click on this button or not, the surface scanner says 13.53%. I restarted my game and now the M4435 agrees... Both say 13.53% (and not average anymore). So, I guess it's 13.53% ^^
  8. Hi! I have looked on google for answers to my question, but I didn't find anything relevant. So, I wanted to do some ore mining (a first time for me) on Mun. The M700 tells me that there are 2 good spots (see screenshots). Logically I send 2 rovers, both equipped with a M4435 and a surface scanning module to choose my future mining facility's spot. I drove the first rover for a while around the northest spot, and both scanning parts agree, telling me there's between 14.30% and 14.50% ore in the area, which is great apparently (see screenshots). The problem is the rover on the second spot (the one near the equator). The M4435 tells me theres only 8.98% ore when the surface scanner tells me there's 13.53% ore (see screenshots)! Which one should I believe? Thank you for reading me.
  9. Hi! I've encountered strange KER readings! (I talked about it here). I made a launcher for a rover. The launcher had normal KER readings, then I added the rover on top and the readings changed and became weird! Here is a screenshot. We can see that the stage with the poodle (S2) has 1.79 TWR and 0 dV, whereas the rover has 3771 m/s dV! This happens when the root is the launcher probe core (RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit above the fairing). If I change the root to the rover probe core (RC-001S under the docking port), the readings change and become normal. Note that in both configurations, the ship works fine.
  10. It was a root problem! I re-rooted the ship and selected the rover's probe as the root instead of the launcher's probe, and the readings are normal.
  11. The root is the RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit. I tried rebuilding the ship from scratch. The readings are normal (3859m/s dV on the Poodle stage) until I add the rover on the radial decoupler on top, then, I get the same readings with the dV on the wrong stage... So, I thought, maybe it's because of the rover root part? It is the central structural part, but if I use its probe core, it won't attach to the decoupler... What's also weird is that in the VAB, my poodle stage has 1.79 TWR according to KER, but in flight KER says 0 TWR... I'm lost.
  12. Thx! I installed the last update of KER, but the readings are the same. I'm gonna launch the vehicle anyway, I might see where the problem is that way. EDIT : The ship works fine, S2 has access to the fuel and works as intended, but KER tells me it has 0m/s dV and 0 TWR...
  13. Hi! I'm trying to send a rover to the Mun, but Kerbal Engineer gives strange readings on my launcher ! Here's my launcher I have a poodle engine on S2 with a full fuel tank, and yet it says S2 has 0 dV. And S0 is my rover and Kerbal Engineer says it has 3771 m/s dV? Is something wrong with my ship or is Kerbal engineer bugging? At game launch, the mod tells me it's for KSP 1.3, is that the problem? Apparently it's supposed to work fine on 1.4.
  14. Gilead

    Rover uncontrollable on Mun

    Thank you everybody! I think I got the hang of it, it is drivable with an Advanced Inline Stabilizer and soft control. I just need to drive it a while to improve my driving skills.
  15. Gilead

    Rover uncontrollable on Mun

    I checked that, my rover works with the new keys, but still hard to control. Tried that, switched to docking mode, tried to move, nothing happened.