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  1. I feel like an idiot... Well, now the names appear, so thank you.
  2. Er... Not sure if it's just me having this issue, but ALL the items from this (and your other mods) are titled something like #autoloc_(numbers) and it's bugging me. Any answers?
  3. @CVerts There was no version, so I didn't think that applied. It's named NKD. Is it supposed to be something other than that?
  4. After ages of searching I still can't find how to fix NKD explosions, anybody know here? Current version on both and downgraded KSP so I could play with this, but after a couple months still can't use NKD explosions.
  5. I've been having a problem with the mod scatterer recently, and it stopped using Kerbin's clouds. In the menu, it says it's using Laythe's "clouds" config and has none.
  6. I recently started trying to figure out how to make a new planet with Kopernicus. Long story short, I've coded the planet but haven't drawn the planet or its biomes. After some searching, I still can't seem to find out how. Any ideas?
  7. Are you sure? I always only get something like "You take a sample of the surface.", but none are unique.
  8. This is something I just thought of. Custom EVA reports or surface samples... Some of the mods I've had gathered don't include these, if any. The normal surface samples such as the one on Duna seem low in detail. I want to know if there is any way to edit or add surface samples or EVA reports. Not a suggestion, really.
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