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  1. "You just have to put the dll in your KSP/GameData folder. Then you can put you patch .cfg file anywhere. I would create a folder for your personal patch, but it's up to you. As mentioned earlier you can have multiple version of it. But you can clean up too" I have downloaded the mod FMRS for KSP and it requires this Module Manager. However, I do not know how to patch the .cfg file into the Module Manager. Can you tell me how I can do this? Thanks. @sarbian
  2. So when I installed it and loaded up KSP an icon popped up asking me if I wanted to receive update information from FMRS and I thought yes!!!!!! it worked, but then when i created a new save file the mod didn't show up in that bar that shows all your mods. I thought that is weird, so I made a simple two stage rocket, both stages having a probe core and battery, and FMRS still wasn't there. I launched anyway wondering if that is how you do it and it still didn't work. I also have the stage recovery mod installed could that affect it? @ linuxgurugamer
  3. I have a question. I installed the FMRS mod because I think it is a really great mod and practical for KSP. I extracted the FMRS folder into my Game Data folder in KSP, but it didn't work. Then I tried extracting all the FMRS folders to see if that would work because for one mod I got that is what you are supposed to do; needless to say, this also didn't work. Is there something I am doing wrong and if so what am I doing wrong? @ linuxgurugamer
  4. Eveytime I download the mod it only gives me the demos, which is one rocket and very few parts. How do I get the full mod with everything included? @Kartoffelkuchen