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  1. Yeah, but I'm not the maintainer of the mod and I was only trying to help you solve your problem with the warning. [snip] Maybe the maintainer doesn't really care about CKAN, they wouldn't be the first. Besides, if the mod works as is and the CKAN metadata says it doesn't, that's more on the people responsible for CKAN metadata.
  2. If you use KSP AVC mod you can just mark it as compatible and any warnings will go away. Also has the benefit of letting you know when mods update.
  3. I think you'd be surprised. I'm all but certain that I'll be buying KSP 2 if it isn't plagued with the same performance issues that exist in current KSP, and if it offers the same ability to be modded as KSP 1. But I won't be buying it on day 1 because I don't trust any game developer, and I won't be buying it at all if either of those criteria aren't met. Everything I've seen so far, which isn't much, makes me want to buy it. But I damn sure am not going to spend $60 on it if the value proposition isn't there. And even if KSP2 is amazing from the outset and open to modding, it's very unlikely that it's going to have all of the features I use mods to add. Some of which are features that at this point I don't want to live without. So while I may end up buying it and playing it for a bit, once I'm done exploring what the stock game has to offer I'm likely still going to go back to KSP 1 until mods on KSP 2 reach feature parity.
  4. Those pics without Scatterer and Eve look amazing. @GameslinxAre you a wizard?
  5. Remove the IVA.cfg file, and if you're using a config file that's set up for multiple scenes such as Zorg's, then remove IVA from the line: scene = MainMenu, SpaceCenter, TrackingStation, Flight, EVA, IVA, MapView
  6. I can all but guarantee you that the people who have contributed to JSNQ have played KSP just about every way a person can. So much so that they extracted all the value they could find out of the stock planet system and started making their own. You're flying green frog people to space with your keyboard. Realism is a silly thing to talk about in that context. At any rate, Tweakscale exists. Module Manager exists. Nothing is stopping you from applying a patch to remove/relax career limitations and just Tweakscaling the parts to meet your own, personal, arbitrary measure of realism It's also evidence that you are trying to accomplish a mission with parts that are no longer well suited for the task. Or trying to play a planet pack that is not well suited for your personal difficulty preferences. In the difficulty settings, you can make experiments return more science if progression through the tech tree is too limiting for you. You can also make the missions return more rewards so you can unlock VAB / Pad upgrades. Or you could install some contract packs that will give you kerbalbucks and a reason to go do science experiments on Kerbin to get better parts. Or you could install mods that give you more options for parts. Or you could use Tweakscale and some module manager patches to adjust the career limitations to something more suitable for JNSQ's scale and your own personal preferences. JNSQ does not claim to offer balanced career mode play.. It claims to be more challenging. JNSQ changes planets. Not parts (well, it changes like.. two parts?). Not careers. Not rewards. What people find balanced is subjective. There are plenty of people who disagree with you about this. The stock scale is not "slightly overpowered". Have you ever tried doing a playthrough where you try to recover everything? I have, and I found that I had to design my first stages very carefully to not launch everything above it directly to orbit in one stage in the earlier parts of the game. It's stupidly easy to make a rocket with 4k dV in the first stage for most 'homeworld' missions after only a few tech tree unlocks. I don't want to make assumptions about you, but I really do think this is a matter of skill or perhaps just being set in your ways. Not trying to gatekeep here, but I managed to do most of my early game 'homeworld' missions using nothing but 1.25m parts. In fact a large bit of them were done using BDB 0.9whatever meter parts. When in doubt, try making your payload smaller and reducing the scope of what you're trying to do. You don't have to return every payload to Kerbin. You can transmit science instead of returning it. You can do quite a bit of the early career missions using a stayputnik+a gimballing engine. It's annoying and a little more difficult, but it can be done. And you can return those parts + science if you put them inside of a 1.25 service bay with the realchute covering the half of the Stayputnik that sticks out. of the top. Open the service bay doors and you have fins that will help reorient you for reentry. The challenges that JNSQ sets up are the reason that entire last paragraph exists. Because I never would have bothered to figure out how to accomplish more with less if I wasn't forced to by the increased scale making it more difficult than going to the Mun on my 3rd or 4th launch. Sorry but that hasn't been my experience with career mode in JNSQ at all. Sure, it's more difficult, but that's kind of the whole point, innit? They are worthy, and do have a place. At the VERY BEGINNING of the game. In 2.5x+ scale, 1.25 rocket parts are not really suitable to do much beyond launch very basic payloads to LKO. If you're creative you can use them to do a flyby of the mun. If you're creative and persistent you might be able to pull off a Mun/Minmus orbit and return. But that's about as far as you're going to get with them without bumping up against mass/part limits in career mode. Says you. Also, I'd be interested in seeing a video example of how you do a gravity turn. Because I bet it's pretty inefficient. I suspect the vast majority of players that are using JNSQ are not only playing with Career Mode, but also with mods that make it harder. I personally play with Unkerballed Start to force me to use probes instead of crew. And with reduced DSN power (relative to JNSQ scale) and greater occlusion. I also play with part unlocks that cost money, with no crew respawn, and with 80% science rewards because of the added experiments that mods add. Again, the entire point of JNSQ once you get beyond the breathtaking improvements to planets is to make the game more difficult. And the last point I just made seems lost on you.
  7. Thank you, I completely missed this stuff as I was just clicking around the sidebar of the wiki and really didn't know what exactly I would need.
  8. Does anyone know of any good wiki pages, guides or examples for how to add RPM support to mods? All of my searches pull up plenty of info on prop creation, which I'm assuming means the placement of the screens and buttons inside of a cockpit, but I haven't found much information on how to actually draw stuff on the screen and have the buttons interact with a mod or the vehicle. Sorry if this is a stupid question, the extent of my programming chops are doing some simple stuff in Visual Basic 20 years ago. But I'd like to have a go at it, since there are some features I'd like to have and I feel bad asking smarter people than me to do stuff like this when they've already got a full plate. I'd like to try my hand at integrating something like [x] Science into the IVA, that will notify about available science experiments, with the ability to run them and, if a suitable container is found, collect all science to it. And if by some miracle I pull that off, perhaps I'll try implementing something like precise node for creating/editing nodes in flight instead of using mechjeb/astrogator to plot them for you.
  9. Thanks for this, I was wondering why a couple of the parts were all black even after running the included batch file.
  10. Just did my first full IVA trip to Mun, landing and return in your Mk 1-3 IVA and it's now my new favorite thing in KSP. Thanks!
  11. Yeah I have plenty of music to listen to while playing. The problem is that despite turning the music completely down in the settings menu, from time to time the game just ignores that and starts playing the music anyway. Which is really weird, and annoying when other music is playing.