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  1. the rock to the left of your rover is a stock scatter, and as such it won't have collisions. If that's throwing you for a loop you can turn the stock scatters off in the settings. Probably should anyway since there's really no need for them if you're using Parallax.
  2. Okay! I have good news and bad news. The good news is that simply commenting out the Sun (read: barycenter) config entirely made the NREs stop, and while the sun is visible in game, it's also super tiny and only visible if you go out of your way to zoom in on it, so it looks correct for my purposes. Tested in both the release and dev build. The bad news is that I only found this out by commenting out that portion of my config outside of the game and restarting the game. Any time I edit the flares in game with the scatterer in game editor, it throws an exception and nothing actually changes. I'll spare you the full log, if you want it I can reproduce and provide but here is the relevant NRE that happens when I use the in game editor: Just to sanity check, I also tried just editing small bits of the config since I thought maybe the error was a result of commenting out an entire sunflare config, but the NRE still happens if I flip a 0.3 to a 0.7 on the intensity multiplier, change the aspect ratio, or whatever else. This is why removing configs one by one wasn't working for me, didn't test it by just editing the config outside of the game and restarting, and missed the NRE about the editor in the gigantic log full of NRE spam. I wrongly assumed that the problem with the editor was related to the other NRE spam when in fact it was an independent issue. As it stands I'm pretty satisfied with how things look, could stand to change a few things with some of the ghosts to clean up a little bit but going to chill on that until I can do it with the in game editor, since seeing immediate feedback will make that whole process much easier. If there's anything I can do to help out with the editor issue, let me know, happy to try some troubleshooting steps, test changes or send you screenshots from the debugger with my specific setup or whatever else you need.
  3. That's great news, I'll build the dev branch tomorrow (well, today, but much later) and give it a whirl. Now that I know how to load up the plugin in debug mode, if I run into any problems I'll at least be a little better equipped to give you information that's a bit more helpful than a simple NRE. I admit that I was frustrated and inarticulate and the whole thing could have been handled better. I was grinding on trying to find *some* way to get this lens dirt gone for quite some time. Even offered to buy Jade lunch to fix the unity flare, assuming it was as simple as replacing that dirt layer with a transparent one, only to find that it was much more involved than that and that addressing it was going to be quite the undertaking. When you didn't address the NREs and then I loaded the in game editor just to find that it was an in-game text editor, it felt like a complete brush off, and even though that's totally fair since you don't owe me *anything*, I didn't handle it well. It wasn't you, it was just realizing that I was basically at the extent of my abilities and out of options, and I vented. Sorry for that. Didn't mean to imply in any way that you don't understand your own mod or anything of the sort, though I see now how that was how you took it. It was more an "well damn, if I've been banging my head against this wall for a week, and you just looked at the logs and don't see anything obvious, I'm *never* going to fix this" exasperated statement. I think the vent about the uselessness of the error message was valid, but also unnecessary, after all it's not like you designed the engine or how it reports NREs. To address the last bit, I did try using the in game editor to delete the sunflare config for Destiny as you suggested, and when I cleared it all out and reloaded the config, Destiny was still there in all of it's scattery glory. I don't know if *that* is a bug or just pebcak or what, but it's worth mentioning. At any rate, coming from 15+ minute load times on my full install, restarting KSP with less than 10 mods total isn't much of a bother at all so I'll start with your suggestion if I run into any more problems with the dev build and report my findings as best as I can. Thanks for your help
  4. Cheers, I will build with this and see if it helps. You have, as always, my eternal gratitude Edit: No joy. Thanks for looking into it anyway. Seems this problem is a hydra, cut one head off and another one pops up.
  5. Alright, well, you told me to delete scatterer and stop posting, but I'm stubborn and I really want these flares without lens dirt. So after much tutorial reading and handholding by JonnyOThan in the /r/ksp discord, I managed to attach the debugger and feed him enough information to (I think? Hope?) nail down the issue. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just gonna pass along what I gathered, do with it what you will. so... "hey there's more of these" https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/blob/3124f0cbaa051d77bdfb548bcc2ee054f8b36411/scatterer/Effects/SunFlare/SunflareCameraHook.cs#L27 https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/commit/3124f0cbaa051d77bdfb548bcc2ee054f8b36411 also I guess I'm supposed to ping @linuxgurugamer since he's the one that was working on it? idk, my head hurts, i need an aspirin. IDK how you guys do it, but after all this I can understand why you're so grumpy about it when someone throws a problem in your lap. edit: and of course, if you need any more info from me, i'll provide it, just ask.
  6. I understand you're probably busy and constantly inundated with support requests and i'm sympathetic to that, and i'm sorry if my frustration has annoyed you, but if you didn't want to help you could have just said that 3 days ago instead of wasting both of our time. I tried removing sunflares with the in game editor. the sunflares don't go away, the nres still happen, and the game still runs like crap. believe me, if i could figure this out on my own instead of asking you for help, i would be doing that. I've been doing that for days before I came here with hat in hand. the error isn't something that i understand, it's referencing a line number in code, i don't know a thing about programming and as far as i have gathered the only way i'll get close to understanding it on my own is attaching a debugger, which according to the help i've gotten outside of this thread may not even work since "scatterer has issues with debug mode".
  7. My best bet is to give up and just deal with the lens dirt in the unity flare, because if the person who made the mod doesn't know why it's throwing errors or what they mean then my chances of figuring it out are basically zero. I can already tell from the log that the flare it's getting tripped up on is the transparent barycenter, I don't need to mess around with an in game configuration editor to figure that out. The sunflares look correct in game, you said my configs look correct, so the only real problem is the constant log spam of an error that is dragging my performance into the gutter. Why even have the error or the repetitive log spam about it? It isn't giving you any useful information if you can't tell me what it means, and it sure as hell isn't giving me any useful information, it's just wasting my disk space and making the game run like crap. Seems rather pointless. Is there a way I can tell scatterer to just be quiet so my game stops running like crap?
  8. That discord message was a bit premature, I did find and fix the texture path issue that was causing the sunflare to not work at all. And then a missing texture issue which was causing some NRE spam, as I said above. And then I got stumped by mystery NRE spam which is ongoing and doesn't have an obvious (to me) source that's outlined in player.log like the other two problems I solved on my own. Also, I've tried to use the in-game editor but pressing the key combination just brings up the same menu that pops up when I click the menu icon at the KSC. The only thing I can change under "sunflare" in that menu is a single toggle.
  9. Hi there! I've been trying to convert BallisticFox's Beyond Home repo to use the old Scatterer sunflares so that I could edit the Ghost1 on Destiny to get rid of the baked in lens dirt of the included Unity3D sunflare. I've gotten like... 99% of the way there I think. When loading in game, everything looks right, lens dirt gone, Destiny Fate and Kerbol all have their sunflare, and the barycenter is transparent as it should be. However I'm getting unrelenting NRE spam. I managed to diagnose some of it, it was complaining about a bad path, and then a missing ghost3 texture for the transparent barycenter (or Sun). After sorting those it's still complaining about something and I'm completely stumped. Here's an excerpt from player.log Cobbling together configs to try and make this work is already pushing the extent of my capabilities, trying to diagnose what's leading to this NRE spam has me entirely lost. It's pretty frustrating because visually I've accomplished my goal but clearly I've broken something. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Here's a link to a google drive folder with the sunflare.cfg, as well as my KSP.log and player.log If you need me to provide anything else just ask. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. I know this is kind of old now and I don't want to prompt you to go and do a whole new round of testing, but for me the difference is extremely noticeable when I'm in low orbit of a planet/moon in a decently sized space station with all the associated part count that goes along with that. I suspect it has something to do with whatever planetshine is doing to add the glow to each part, in combination with whatever Parallax is doing. I don't notice a huge difference on things with smaller part counts, but I suspect it's somewhere in the range of 10fps+ difference if I remove Planetshine when I have Parallax installed with the orbital station situation.
  11. Just going off a conversation I saw in the /r/ksp discord about this same issue, check and make sure that you have your texture res set to full.
  12. Hey, sorry it took me a few days to get back to you, life gets in the way sometimes. The save this is happening in is science mode. I don't think that's relevant to why it's happening though. I just tried a career save with the same install and it's happening in there as well. I tried a different JNSQ install with KEI in the modlist, which is also a science save, and the window doesn't pop up like this in that modlist. So I guess that's good news since it's likely some interaction between mods or something broken in my install and not something that really needs your attention. However, since you asked, here is a link to the player.log. Not sure how helpful it will be, I did a quick ctrl-f for KEI and don't see anything that stands out to me as an error, but maybe something will jump out at you if for some reason you're really interested in hunting down whatever weird interaction is causing this bug. I'm not asking you to do that though, diagnosing a minor annoyance that is likely the result of some unique combination of mods and doesn't affect the actual functionality of the mod or the overall install in some game breaking way is completely unnecessary. I appreciate that you were willing to look into it but that sounds like a wild goose chase to me and I'm sure you have enough on your plate.
  13. Attached screenshots of my settings window, and the window that is popping up when I open R&D/Astronaut complex (??) within the spoiler. Like I said, the pop-up of this window upon entering R&D only started happening some time in the last few updates, previously it would only open if I clicked on the toolbar button. If this is unexpected behavior that you're not seeing in your own testing and a ksp or player log would be helpful here I'm happy to provide, though I see no errors in the console that would indicate a problem. I assumed this was an intended change and was just seeking a way to make the pop-ups stop.
  14. Is there a setting I can change somewhere for this mod to have it not pop up every time I open R&D? (and curiously enough, the astronaut center? ) And if not, could you possibly add one in the next update? The mod used to not do this, and somewhere in the past couple of versions it started to and I would prefer if it didn't, since having to close the pop-up every single time I go into R&D is becoming a bit of an annoyance as most pop-ups tend to do.
  15. I have mine in /GameData/KopernicusExpansion/StockFootprints/Configs, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work if you just saved it as a cfg file anywhere in Gamedata.
  16. Its not much, but here's an EVA Footprints config for OPM if anyone needs it. @Vabien feel free to include it with the mod if you like. https://pastebin.com/pLVaxF3p
  17. This is going to be the crappiest bug report ever, and I apologize in advance for that, but after screwing around with getting things stable for over an hour I just can't be bothered to make another KSP install with just this mod to give you a full ksp.log and all of that. While trying to find the right combo of KSP version and mods to get Beyond Home working in a version without Parallax, I tried 1.9.1 and BH 1.4.2 (actually working well). Anyway, I installed KSP Community Fixes, mostly for the ROC fix since it seemed to squash some exceptions when I tried other KSP/BH versions. In 1.9.1 KSP Community Fixes completely breaks fairings. On loading any fairing part, the following exception is thrown. [ERR 12:22:49.868] Module ModuleProceduralFairing threw during OnLoad: System.MissingFieldException: Field 'ModuleProceduralFairing.isFadeLocked' not found. I decided to just ignore the error and see what happens. Going into the vab and trying to attach a fairing causes an exception to be thrown, and upon attaching it immediately disconnects and the top node of the fairing disappears. I'm sure it's KSP Community Fixes that's causing it because the issue only appeared after I installed it, and disappeared when I uninstalled it (I had a hunch). As I said, sorry I can't really provide more info. Should be easy enough to replicate if you fire up a 1.9.1 instance and install KSP Community Fixes, the problem affects stock parts. I'm sure it's not high priority but given that the mod is listed as compatible with 1.8-1.12 I figured I should let you know regardless. Edit: I should mention that removing KSP Community Fixes does bring the ROC exception back. Is there anything obvious that jumps out at you (even everything BUT the ROC fix) that I can disable in settings.cfg to stop the fairing breaking behavior? Edit2: Disabling the fairing thing in settings.cfg fixed it.
  18. I know this is super late, but if you haven't found one yet, a solution I have found for this problem is to use this Lossless Scaling app from Steam, run the game in 1440p and upscale it with AMD FSR. Looks near native resolution, all mod windows are scaled better and the text is clear. I'm sure if you search around you could probably find a free solution that does the same thing, but this is what I use. The only downsides are that it forces the game to act like it's in fullscreen mode instead of a fullscreen borderless window, and on scene changes, the game will go from fullscreen to a window and you will have to hit the keybind to scale the window back up to 4k. If I'm streaming or using my second monitor a lot while playing I generally just run in 1080p to avoid the fullscreen mode thing since it can get kind of annoying.
  19. what nevermind the freaking error is back, will report back when i figure out what the hell im dealing with here
  20. Just a heads up, clicked on the links to the previous threads to try and find some more pictures of these parts and they appear to lead to an unrelated mod (Pteron Micro Shuttle)
  21. Hey @Manwith Nonamedo you have a repo or would you be willing to share a few example PSD files that I could use to try and figure out the workflow for extending this functionality to other mods? I was looking at the DDS files on the stock recolor in photoshop and I think I got pretty close when I tried to replicate the specular map on a stock fuel tank by messing with curves and contrast, but seeing some examples of what exactly you've done would be most helpful. Don't want to get too ambitious and start announcing grand plans, but there's a few parts in mods that I like that don't have the maps/configs that I'd like to try to create them for. Of course I would be willing to do so as a contributor to this mod if it develops into something resembling configs/maps for an entire mod or more.
  22. Before I go and break my install doing something I don't fully understand, am I correct in thinking that if I remove the SSPXr-StockPartReplacements.cfg from the patches directory that it would restore all the stock parts back to stock? I like the updated models and color variants this mod provides but I like the ability to recolor the stock parts with Textures Unlimited more, and there's some kind of conflict between what this mod is doing and what Textures Unlimited Recolor Depot wants to do.
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