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  1. It's related to Ambient Occlusion. Not sure what setting needs changing but if you mess around with those settings you should be able to figure it out.
  2. Yeah, but I'm not the maintainer of the mod and I was only trying to help you solve your problem with the warning. [snip] Maybe the maintainer doesn't really care about CKAN, they wouldn't be the first. Besides, if the mod works as is and the CKAN metadata says it doesn't, that's more on the people responsible for CKAN metadata.
  3. If you use KSP AVC mod you can just mark it as compatible and any warnings will go away. Also has the benefit of letting you know when mods update.
  4. I think you'd be surprised. I'm all but certain that I'll be buying KSP 2 if it isn't plagued with the same performance issues that exist in current KSP, and if it offers the same ability to be modded as KSP 1. But I won't be buying it on day 1 because I don't trust any game developer, and I won't be buying it at all if either of those criteria aren't met. Everything I've seen so far, which isn't much, makes me want to buy it. But I damn sure am not going to spend $60 on it if the value proposition isn't there. And even if KSP2 is amazing from the outset and open to modding, it's
  5. Those pics without Scatterer and Eve look amazing. @GameslinxAre you a wizard?
  6. Remove the IVA.cfg file, and if you're using a config file that's set up for multiple scenes such as Zorg's, then remove IVA from the line: scene = MainMenu, SpaceCenter, TrackingStation, Flight, EVA, IVA, MapView
  7. I can all but guarantee you that the people who have contributed to JSNQ have played KSP just about every way a person can. So much so that they extracted all the value they could find out of the stock planet system and started making their own. You're flying green frog people to space with your keyboard. Realism is a silly thing to talk about in that context. At any rate, Tweakscale exists. Module Manager exists. Nothing is stopping you from applying a patch to remove/relax career limitations and just Tweakscaling the parts to meet your own, personal, arbitrary me
  8. Thank you, I completely missed this stuff as I was just clicking around the sidebar of the wiki and really didn't know what exactly I would need.
  9. Does anyone know of any good wiki pages, guides or examples for how to add RPM support to mods? All of my searches pull up plenty of info on prop creation, which I'm assuming means the placement of the screens and buttons inside of a cockpit, but I haven't found much information on how to actually draw stuff on the screen and have the buttons interact with a mod or the vehicle. Sorry if this is a stupid question, the extent of my programming chops are doing some simple stuff in Visual Basic 20 years ago. But I'd like to have a go at it, since there are some features I'd like to have and
  10. Thanks for this, I was wondering why a couple of the parts were all black even after running the included batch file.
  11. Just did my first full IVA trip to Mun, landing and return in your Mk 1-3 IVA and it's now my new favorite thing in KSP. Thanks!
  12. Yeah I have plenty of music to listen to while playing. The problem is that despite turning the music completely down in the settings menu, from time to time the game just ignores that and starts playing the music anyway. Which is really weird, and annoying when other music is playing.
  13. It's been nearly three months. Not trying to bother, but it would be nice to have this mod so I don't go absolutely crazy having to listen to that damn VAB music even though I have music turned all the way down in the settings menu. If you're still interested in adopting it, what remains of my sanity would be eternally grateful. In lieu of that, if anyone can point me in the direction of how to ACTUALLY disable the music ALL of the time, even if it involves deleting the damn sound files, that would work too.
  14. Compiled this myself with your PR integrated. I hope @Flupster rolls these changes into the main branch soon, it definitely feels snappier and the min science slider is great for a probes before crew style playthrough, where you end up with a bunch of half finished science experiments that you can't complete without crew bugging you on the way to Mun/Minmus. Good work!
  15. Gravity assists wasn't an option, so I went with precise landings. It really depends on conditions, how complex the aircraft is, and traffic. Landing a Cessna at an uncontrolled airport in perfect conditions with no traffic is pretty simple, as long as you understand how to control the airplane. But throw in ATC, other traffic, crosswind, etc and it can get complex pretty quick.
  16. As far as I can tell, the author of this mod has not actually released anything in ~6 months, other than assurances ~3 months ago that he is going to start again, and then radio silence. Not a knock against @The White Guardian, real life happens, interests shift, and time becomes limited. But this mod is licensed MIT, and you backed off when they asked because they said they were going to start developing it again. They haven't. I'm not entirely sure what the norms of this forum are in regards to forking, and obviously it's a good idea to remember that mod authors are humans with fe
  17. Never had this problem with unmodded, or previous versions of KSP for that matter. It's only been an issue in KSP 1.8.1 (never tried 1.8.0), which leads me to believe it's not hardware. SMART check comes back fine, and I know the video card is good because it's less than 3 months old and I put it through a rigorous round of testing when determining how far it could overclock. It's not overclocked since I only do that when the video card is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, but I already know the memory on it is fine and that the thermals are well within limits. I'll still c
  18. KSP: 1.8.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Intermittent crashes Mods installed: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl AntennaHelper AtmosphereAutopilot B9PartSwitch BasicProceduralTextures Chatterer CommunityResourcePack CustomPreLaunchChecks DecouplerShroud DistantObject DKSalvage DMagicScienceAnimate EasyVesselSwitch EngineLightRelit EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements EveEngines Firespitter GravityTurn JNSQ JX2Antenna KAS KerbalEngineer KerbalHacks KerbalKonstructs KerboKatz KIS Kopernicus KS3P KSP-AVC MechJeb2 MiningExpansion Mk2Expansion Mk3Expansion ModularFl
  19. I like CKAN, but lately I've been installing mods manually because I've just had less trouble doing it that way. Since I started modding, I've started carefully curating my mods instead of just shotgunning everything that sounds like it might be interesting into GameData. CKAN is pretty good for seeing what's available (on CKAN) and mass installing a bunch of stuff, but I'm finding more and more that I end up having to visit the forums to pick up mods that still work but haven't updated and aren't listed on CKAN without ticking a box that ends up listing a bunch of other mods that don't
  20. Despite the small inconvenience of waiting, I'd prefer to have it done right instead of having it done right now. So thanks for putting in the work to eliminate all of those annoying bugs that make troubleshooting a new modded install such a pain in the rear. I'm glad these bugs are being caught in testing instead of out in the wild. Edit: Just realized I'm not in the Kopernicus thread. And I don't know how to delete a post. Ah well, sentiment stands.
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